Dream Big Under the Big Top Battle Strategy Guide

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Boss Battle: Welcome to the Fiend Circus

To best prepare for the boss battle, have your strongest team of Light-based adventurers ready. The Boss Battle can be beaten Solo or Co-op. Since Stamina is required for the Challenge Battle, this is the best use of Getherwings for the event. This quest is much easier to clear than the Challenge Battle, but it might be tough for new players to beat.

After completing this quest on Expert, it is possible to unlock a special version of this fight-- Extra Boss Battle: Fiend Circus Encore.

Listed below is each of the Manticore’s attacks along with their type of action marker.

  • Savage Fangs (Red Marker): After a short time, the Manticore charges forward to deal damage. Beware, this attack can hit directly behind him.

  • Wretched Breath (Red Marker): The Manticore breathes forth a pillar of dark energy. The action marker is shaped like a cone, and he pans across it slowly.

  • Shadow Bomb (Red Marker): The Manticore aims upward and spits a number of dark bombs which target an Adventurer. After a short time they land, dealing damage.

  • Dark Flight (Red Marker): The Manticore jumps up, and lands back down, dealing damage in an area around him. This move does extremely high damage (1000+) so avoid at all costs.

  • Tail Swipe (No Marker): A quick swipe from the Manticore’s tail, sweeping behind him

  • Claw (No Marker): A fast slash directly in front of the Manticore.

Extra Boss Battle: Fiend Circus Encore

This is a harder version of the regular Boss Battle, but unlike the regular version, it can be tackled co-op. This makes it an easy fight, only slightly harder than the regular Boss Battle.

This quest costs no Stamina/Getherwings, and won’t disappear until it is cleared. Beating this quest yields the biggest Tent Canvas rewards, so you’ll want to clear it as much as possible to fully upgrade your Circus Tent.

Before the Manticore can be fought, you’ll need to hit two switches down corridors to your left and right. Afterward, the boss fight proceeds as normal.

During this fight, the Manticore will use all of their regular moves, but will also summon enemies regularly during the fight. A Julietta or Lucretia friend helper is recommended to clear out the weaker foes and deal damage.

Challenge Battle: Top Star Trial

This is the final quest in the event, pitting your team against five waves of Shadow-attuned enemies. It can be challenged at two difficulties: Expert, and Master, the latter of which is unlocked after the first full clear of Expert. Rewards include large amounts of Renown and Big Top Balloons-- This is the best quest in the event to farm them.

If your team is KO’d or the time runs out, fret not: You’ll earn rewards based on how many waves were cleared. Players without a strong team should at least strive to reach the final wave, even if it can’t be cleared. However, it is quite possible to clear the event (at least, on Expert) with a team comprised of free units!

The Master Challenge Battle is the toughest quest in the whole event. It’s possible to receive tier one 5* Weapons and Twinkling Sand as a drop during Master, but they are rare. If you can clear Expert but not Master, stick to Expert as it offers better Renown rewards for the full clear.

To clear Master you’ll need a Level 20+ (30 is Recommended) Circus Tent, and a team of powerful Light-attuned Adventurers, all at least 3500 Might. Strong off-element Adventurers can also be used, but as enemies deal upwards of 300 damage per hit, it is heavily advised to stick to Light. It is entirely possible that you lack the units to clear it, but don’t fret as you can always stick to Expert!

Good choices include:

  • Julietta: She’s the queen of this event, boasting the most reliable clears by far. 100% Poison Resistance, wide Axe swings and Slayer’s Strength all contribute to a kit that’s devastatingly effective in this fight.

  • Annelie: The second best (but still amazing) choice for the event. Poison Resistance is practically mandatory, and she has great Skill damage and weapon range.

  • Fritz/Rawn: The only other units with 100% Poison Resistance in the game. Both are good choices, Fritz being slightly better due to more survivability.

  • Halloween Elisanne/Lucretia: Both have great damage but lack Poison Resistance, making them riskier choices.

  • Hildegarde/Vixel: Healers are mandatory for this quest, as enemies deal a ridiculous amount of damage. Hilde and Vixel are the best two, although their lack of Poison Resistance means you’ll need to play carefully with them.

Using a high-leveled Verica or Vixel friend Helper is recommended, as they provide the biggest heals through their Skills.

Wave Breakdown

Wave 1

Enemies: Poison Slimes, Shadow Gobmancer

These guys are no trouble to clean up. Try and take out the Gobmancer without taking damage.

Wave 2

Enemies: Vile Rats, Purple Shrooms

Vile Rats are annoying, as they jump around a lot and leap forward to attack. This is where a good Axe or Blade user can work wonders. The Shrooms spawn in the middle, but are slow and aren’t threatening.

Wave 3

Enemies: Shadow Goblins, Shadow Gobmancers

This mob of Shadow Goblins is fairly easy to mow down, provided you have the damage. Start on one side and try and avoid getting surrounded, as it’s easy to take a lot of damage on this wave. Use of a Skill or two can make this wave a lot easier. I recommend starting close to where the Gobmancers are, and working your way up or down the map. You’ll probably need to pop at least one heal by this point in the run.

Wave 4

Enemies: Vile Rats, Sinister Basilisks

It had to be Basilisks, didn’t it? Four of them spawn on this map (two at each end), and are top priority for you to eliminate. Start on one side, Shapeshift, and run to the other side, then use your Dragon Skill to eliminate them. After that, it’s just another bunch of Vile Rats to worry about. Don’t be afraid to pop another heal for the boss.

Wave 5

Enemies: Nightmare Golem, Sinister Basilisks, Shadow Lizardman

The boss now spawns, along with two annoying minions. The Nightmare Golem has super-high Defense, while the Shadow Lizardman has a Shield. I recommend starting north and quickly eliminating the Lizardman, before running south to use your Dragon against the Nightmare Golem.

If you can defeat them both with your Dragon, you’re in good shape, although this is no easy feat. From here, success on this boss will largely depend on your AI’s survival, your own ability to use Skills to avoid attacks, and your team’s damage output.

Having Trouble?

Clearing the Challenge Battle on Master is extremely difficult, and will require strong Adventurers with significant upgrades. If you’re getting stuck, try clearing the Boss Battle a few times to level up the Circus Tent. Having a higher-level Circus Tent makes the fight much easier (although it is still very difficult!)

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