High Zodiark Quad-DPS Guide

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Article by aBoxofTim


Joining the Light Roster shortly after High Zodiark's release, the Gala Prince took the meta by storm. Between potent buffs, Cupid heals, and crushing Force Strikes, two Princes remove the need for Hildegarde and H!Elisanne while cutting clear times in half. However, this approach is a double-edged sword; the lack of a dedicated healer means the team must play almost perfectly. Here's a brief overview of how Quad-DPS differs from traditional comps.

  • Ruler of Darkness optional: With 100% Skill Prep, Exalted Glory can be stacked twice for 30% DEF, allowing for Fleur/Yachiyo to run two offensive Wyrmprints. 
  • Frequent heals: Cupid's active Skill and Exalted Glory's shield are more than enough to keep the team topped off in time for Shadow Blasts. 
  • Bypass Cursed Realms: The first stack line is interrupted with sufficient DPS and Force Strikes, while the second is absorbed by a non-Prince's Shapeshift. Quad DPS can circumvent all unavoidable damage outside of Shadow Blasts.  

Important Note:

This guide applies to both Standard and Expert difficulties, and should be treated as the Expert High Zodiark Guide.

Team Preparation

Two Princes make up the cornerstone of this strategy, employing Exalted Glory, Draconic Charge, and Sword Force Strikes to bypass many of High Zodiark's threatening mechanics.

Fleur still leads the Light roster in raw DPS, while Yachiyo brings respectable damage and a STR Co-ability for baseline power. 

As added synergy, all three adventurers pack Paralysis in their kits, ensuring that Paralysis Punisher is always utilized. 

Wyrmprint Selection

Do not run Ruler of Darkness. Between Void weapons and two Exalted Glories, the HDT Wyrmprint isn't needed to survive.

Gala Prince: Both The Chocolatiers and Sister's Day Out are strict requirements. The former enables Exalted Glory to be stacked twice before the opening HP Check, while the latter bypasses otherwise fixed cooldowns and greatly amplifies Force Strikes. 

Yachiyo: RR + Stellar Show play towards her Skill 2, making her amplified Force Strikes ideal for lantern busting. 

Fleur: Either Stellar Show or Levin's Champion can fill slot 2. Run the former if struggling to reach first Break. 

Weapon and Dragon Selection

With four DPS adventurers, Lantern killing isn't an issue and Void weapons are generally superior to their Core counterparts.

Run High Dragon Trial weapons (crafted with materials from Expert High Jupiter) on as many members as possible. 

Cupid should be the only dragon considered for both his raw STR and utility. 

Run Sequence

Opening Blast

  • Both Princes begin by immediately activating Exalted Glory. Hold a Force Strike during the animation to prevent knockback.  
  • Note: Desyncs may lead to the buff not taking effect in time, resulting in a teammate's death. Simply wipe and retry, as this error should fix itself. 
  • Yachiyo and Fleur hold Force Strikes to prevent knockback. 

First Cursed Realm

  • Both Princes should move up and use Rising Circlet (S1) so that it hits High Zodiark, ideally with some coverage past the center so that Fleur and Yachiyo can also benefit.
  • Now, both Princes Shapeshift, activate Lovely Pose (S1), and begin unloading damage. 
  • Fleur and/or Yachiyo maneuver behind HZD, baiting the Breath, Short Dash, and Poison columns away from the Cupids
  • With Shapeshift about to expire, the two Cupids should bait and intentionally tank the Charge to get knocked back into human form. 
  • Both Princes should unload both Rising Circlet (S1) and Exalted Glory (S2). From this point on, weave as many Force Strikes as possible. Keep the two Princes close, while Yachiyo and Fleur hang back to avoid Umbral Chase overlap. 
  • Purgatorial Prison will trap the two furthest adventurers: these should be Yachiyo and Fleur.
  • With sufficient Force Strikes, the two Princes should Break HZD before Cursed Realm finishes charging, immediately freeing their trapped teammates. 

Second Cursed Realm

  • Fleur moves up to the map center, closest to HZD. She will acquire the Cursed Realm marker, then move to the lower-right and Shapeshift to tank it alone.
  • Yachiyo alone can dispatch the South Lantern then join the two Princes in attacking up front.
  • Note: After the Lanterns detonate, the Princes may choose to hang back to avoid inadvertently attacking into the miasma fields. 

From this point on, the fight proceeds as normal. Even without High Dragon Trial weapons, the fight should be done and dusted some time between Phase 3 and Phase 4, if not earlier.

Tips Regarding Subsequent Sections

  • After High Zodiark charges four times and finishes his breath/tail slam rotation, keep in mind that the two furthest players will be caged after Shadow Blast. Gala Princes should take the prisons and sticker so that Fleur and Yachiyo are aware of positioning for High Zodiark's spits.
  • Subsequent Cursed Realms should all be dragon tanked by a Cupid.
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