Light Autobattle Team

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Main Team

Level: 70
Mana Circles:: 40

Odetta brings a balanced combination of offense and support to the party; Liberty Slash serves as an offensive AoE that also lowers enemy Defense, and Freedom Ring heals nearby allies and buffs Strength. As AI members can now Force Strike as needed, Odetta is able to whittle down the boss' Overdrive bar without much trouble.

Level: 70
Mana Circles:: 40

Being able to Force Strike on AI has arguably benefited Fritz the most, as his kit centers around the mechanic. Coupled with full Poison Res, Fritz is free to wreak havoc, especially once the boss enters Overdrive.

Level: 70
Mana Circles:: 40

Malka brings a lot to the table with his Co-Ability and a teamwide Strength boost. Blaze of Gold, meanwhile, is a solid AoE with a low SP cost. A max Unbound Slow and Steady provides Malka with full Poison Res and additional Shadow Res.

Level: 80
Mana Circles:: 40

Hildegarde returns in her element with comprehensive healing. If teammates are dying too often, The Greatest Gift can be swapped for another Recovery Potency Wyrmprint, such as Louise's Hobbies.

Alternate Team Members

This battle becomes incredibly easy with Annelie. Full Poison Res, a huge AoE with Stun capabilities, and the long-range Lance make her perfect for clearing Shadow IO. Add a Skill Damage Wyrmprint and some defense, level her up, and sh will take care of the rest.

Albert brings immense DPS to the table, coupled with full Poison Res and improved Force Strikes. If available, The Chocolatiers will allow him to charge himself with Thunderous Impulse right away.

Julietta also make for a great lead Adventurer, as Slayer's Strength allows her to gradually ramp up her Strength. She also bring great self sustain capabilities and pairs well with doublebuff effects, such as Valiant Crown and The Heroes Arrive.

The second-strongest Light healer and overall excellent thanks to health regen. An alternate composition with him, Hildegarde, and two strong offensive characters is also viable if additional healing is warranted, but may run a risk of timing out if the DPS Adventurers don't output sufficient firepower.