Preparing for High Mercury

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Note From Notte

As the meta is never constant, newer strategies for combating High Mercury are always in the works. Keep an eye out for potential additions in the future!

Similarities to Previous High Dragons

As with previous High Dragon Trials, an unavoidable opening blast (Tidal Explosion for High Mercury) is present, although the potency of this particular blast is not high. Moveset sequences are also scripted and can be learned through gameplay.

The Dragalia Digest announcement that revealed High Mercury on March 26th, 2019 disclosed that the boss inflicts Bog, which follows the pattern of High Dragons sharing a status affliction with their normal Dragon Trials counterparts.

What's New: High Mercury Specifics

There are quite a few factors that sets High Mercury apart from previous High Dragons.

  • The HP threshold for surviving Tidal Explosion is much lower, especially for Wind-attuned Adventurers. This means that the Queen of the Blue Seas Wyrmprint is not required for Adventurers that are otherwise properly-geared.
  • Tidal Explosion is the only unavoidable attack in High Mercury's moveset. With proper play, Adventurers without Bog resistance can easily participate in this fight.
  • High Mercury has a much larger HP pool (upwards of 2.1 million) compared to previous High Dragons. Parties that output insufficient DPS are very likely to lose via timeout.
  • When High Mercury breaks, rather than skipping her current attack, a list of moves in her moveset is reset instead.

How To Prepare

  • Step 1: Choose Your Adventurer
  • Step 2: Raise a Dragon
  • Step 3: Build an Elemental Weapon
  • Step 4: Max Wind Facilities
  • Step 5: Select Wyrmprints

Choose Your Adventurer

Prime candidates for High Mercury's Trial are Wind-attuned Adventurers with good Co-Abilities.

Adventurers with Bog resistance are considered mainstays of any party. Due to the mechanics of this fight, others without Bog resistance are also popular picks, such as Addis and Melody.

Experienced players may also opt for a party without Lowen if they wish to finish the fight at a faster pace; such parties benefit greatly from having Wedding Elisanne on the team. She is a great source of DPS, and the healing from Sacred Union (S1) allows everyone to fulfill their conditional Strength Wyrmprint passives.

Whoever is chosen will need 45-50 Mana Circles. Even though the HP threshold is easily surpassed, higher Co-Ability levels are recommended to finish the fight in time, especially for offensive Co-Abilities, like Strength and Skill Damage.

How To Train Your Dragon

To emphasize the importance of DPS, every Adventurer is encouraged to carry a Dragon that provides a Strength bonus, including Lowen.

A max Unbound Roc is the most accessible option for most players, but a max Unbound Vayu or Zephyr is ideal for most scenarios. Adventurers that can reliably inflict Poison may utilize Pazuzu. Long Long is also usable with Adventurers such as Lin You.

Build an Elemental Weapon

A 5★ Wind Core or Void elemental weapon will be needed to maximize DPS. The High Mercury’s Bane effects on the Void weapons provides a 30% damage increase, making these weapons an easy choice to consider. Unfortunately, 4★ elemental weapons do not offer enough raw stats to justify their use, even if some of them may have useful Skills.

In terms of deciding between Core and Void weapons, players should consider the following points and decide for themselves.

You should craft a 5★ Core weapon if:

  • The weapon in question has an attack Skill, and Skill spam is a major source of your damage output. The DPS of these weapons are often higher, assuming that you use their attack Skills as soon as they are available. Conversely, attack Skills on Core weapons can also be saved to deal with specific battle mechanics, such as breaking Aqueous Prison.

  • The weapon in question has a Skill that carries value in terms of utility. For example, Maribelle is the designated ranged baiter in full DPS parties (without Lowen). The 5★ Core Wand, Phytalmios, allows Maribelle to meet her Full HP passive requirement and serves as an extra iframe source.

You should craft a 5★ Void weapon if:

  • You intend on maximizing your DPS and if the Core counterpart does not offer an attack Skill.

  • You wish to obtain a cheaper (but effective) solution solely for High Mercury's Trial. Due to the materials required for Void weapons, they are much more economical to max Unbound compared to their Core counterparts.

The 5★ Wind elemental weapons are as follows:

Void Weapon Core Weapon
Sword Roaring Wield Durandal
Blade Stormsquall Crash Anemone
Dagger The Gale Karlsnautr
Axe Jagged Bolt Axe of the Southern Cross
Lance Windsovereign Trident Spear of the Northern Cross
Bow Firmament Auger Stellar Pegasus
Wand Typhoon's Rule Phytalmios
Staff Skypainter Staff Ancient Mage's Windcane

Max Wind Facilities and Relevant Dojos

Those who were present for the Wish To The Winds Facility Event are in luck, as the event building gives extra HP and Strength. After that, build the Wind Altars as much as possible and then the Dojos associated with the chosen Adventurer.

For the Altars, Thursdays and weekends are the best times for farming Wind orbs. 

Select Wyrmprints

Offensive Wyrmprints are generally recommended across the board, with a few exceptions.

  • Resounding Rendition and a Wyrmprint that provides a conditional Strength boost, such as Jewels of the Sun or Crystalian Envoy, are recommended for most DPS Adventurers. For players that are confident in their abilities, Evening of Luxury provides the greatest conditional Strength boost alongside increased Critical Damage.
  • Valiant Crown is an alternative option if there are two or more Adventurers in the party that can provide Defense buffs to provide the most amount of Doublebuff activations.
  • Adventurers with tailored Wyrmprints, such as Lin You and Gala Ranzal, should make use of their weapon specific Wyrmprints (Kung Fu Masters and The Shining Overlord, respectively).
  • If your first Wyrmprint pick does not contain any Critical Rate Up passives, Levin's Champion is a premier pick for the secondary Wyrmprint slot.
  • Gentle Winds or Bonds Between Worlds can be used with Lowen, as he does not have any Skills that deals damage. Either one of these Wyrmprints can be used in order to obtain 100% Skill Prep if Lowen is using the 5★ Ancient Mage’s Windcane.
  • King's Countenance should be used on Lowen or another support Adventurer so that the party can reach their first Dragon Shapeshift on time.
  • Bellathorna should be used on Melody so that she can more easily upkeep her Strength buff for the party.

While the High Mercury resistance Wyrmprint is largely optional, the breakdown for crafting it is indicated below for experienced players that are looking to try other Adventurers. The resources needed for this will be farmable from Imperial Onslaught:

Item Cost
Single Copy x100 x40
MUB Copy x500 x200
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