Linking Account

So, I want to link my nintendo account to make sure I don't lose my progress after having spent money, but I live in Europe. What's my safest bet? Creating a US account? I could wait for the EU realease (if there's ever one) but I don't feel safe doing so. Are there any cons in creating a US account to link?

Asked by Medwok4 years 11 months ago


I live in Asia (outside HK/Japan, meaning DL is not available on my local app store) and linked a US nintendo account (that's my main Nintendo account).

I can still spend money if I want (DL on Android uses google pay to process payments), and the prices are even converted into my local currency (!). As far as I can tell other than potentially not playing on your "main" nintendo account (assuming yours is EU), there is no real downside that I can see.