New years banner

I already threw in 6 multi for new years, and i still don’t have neither ieyasu nor marishiten. Cygames is giving out free tenfold ticket and wrymites, i can do 4 multi and 11 singles. Rates are at 4.5%, should i keep trying or save up for later?

Asked by codelyoko163 years 7 months ago


Don't miss your chance to get the best Dark Atk he's basically Shadow Mikoto they both deal insane damage i wish i had Mari to test his full potential with Levin's Champion but from using Heralds of Hinomoto, Nidhogg and Ieyasu it's absolutely mind blowing the dps he can throw out in such a short time. me personally i'd keep going if i didn't have him, just by some luck he pops up on the next pull. Myself i'm going to keep going until i get Mari.

Edit: After further opening his Mana i realized he's basically a Shadow Mikoto so oh yeah man he's definitely worth the Wyrmite to get, i wish you luck.