Promoting adventurers

Who is worth spending Eldwater on to promote?

Asked by Halera3 years 4 months ago


Addis, Lowen, Vercia, Musashi, and Sazanka. But it depends on what you plan on using the promoted unit for.

Vanessa is a really good fire adventurer too and she's very valuable in High Midgardsormr. There's also Orsem who's one of the best characters for High Brunhilda.

All in all, I usually just recommend promoting any unit you like using, but if you want to be optimal, any of the options Grudge_Queen offered or any of the ones I'm offering are among the best you could pick, also anything above tier 3 on the tier list is really good in most content in the game.

And if you're f2p and you haven't summoned much, then one of your best choices is always Euden/MC because he'll help on end game content and he has an ability that gives you from 10% to 15% player exp (depending on how far along you have his mana circle) which means more stamina and more wyrmite.

In addition to the aforementioned units, Botan and Orion are also good candidates. Since Eldwater is pretty valuable, however, I recommend promoting a unit based on which elemental team is your weakest. Or, you could not promote anyone, because keep in mind that you also need 73,000 Eldwater to fully unbind a unit's mana circles. It just depends on where your priorities lie.

Now, I do agree that Botan is a good unit, and I personally promoted her, but she's overestimated in my opinion. Yes, bleed is a great status that can deal a lot of damage, but her first ability being Thaumian's Bane is pretty much wasted for high tier content at the moment and she also likes proper resistances, so for all purposes, she has two useless abilities. Now, her skills are also really good, and the defensive nature of the Lance Co-Ability is really good, and she'd probably be really useful on High Jupiter when he comes, specially since paralysis is one of the most inconsequential statuses in the game.

I personally promoted her as soon as she came out before even knowing her capabilites because I liked her, and she ended up being good enough and the best free "event" unit to date.

Depends on what's on their last Mana Circle, basically. Blades, Wands, Axes and Lances have awesome Co-Abilities that are worth upgrading, but there are plenty of others who can use the stat boosts and Skill upgrade too.