For the valentines event where do I go to the defeat the Valentine’s slime and Choco Golem?

Asked by kks’dragons1 year 5 months ago


Those should be rare enemies in AtF/AfP.

Just do the rare spawn farming in AtF, master for the golem and standard for the slime

Are you sure about this? I definitely got the golem in Master AtF, but I just ran it on Standard and once again the golem spawned. Is it just random which one appears or something?

EDIT: It's definitely random for Standard, at least. Literally had the slime spawn the next run after typing that.

Just find one after doing AtF in Standard mode, that's the only place i saw one of them

by Ergo 1 year 5 months ago

For the Golem I did AtF: Master and the Slime AtF: Beginner. Both solo and I'd reset at the bridge if no rare spawned. The Golem took me the longest to get while the Slime only took a few tries.

^Did this and it worked. Beginner AtF gets the Rare Slime, just "give up" repeatedly until it shows up. Thanks, Dawg.

I don't think difficulty matters, I encountered both of them in AtF/AtP (Can't remember which one) Master

I encountered a choco golem in Expert Flamehowl earlier. There's your other option.