Quick Guide for Skyborne Spectacle

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Article by Kiera Hoogendam

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Are the rewards worthwhile? That depends on progression and goals.

Su Fang 

Although he’s the strongest Wind Dagger available currently, Su Fang struggles to stand out amongst the impressive Wind roster. Still, max friendship is very easy to obtain by bringing him along for dailies such as Avenue to Fortune, so there’s no reason to pass him up.

Peng Lai

Thaniels prepping for High Brunhilda will rejoice with this new F2P option. He’s certainly not as effective as Poseidon builds, but Peng Lai is absolutely worth picking up for those without rare Gacha dragons. As an upgrade to Mercury, he can safely be skipped, having only a 10% HP and overall Might advantage over her.


These are what raids are really about! None of the Emblem drops are unique to this event, but some-- such as Testaments and Twinkling Sands-- are limited. Definitely pick these up (and the precious Summon Vouchers) for progression.


To collect Emblems evenly, stick to Aquatic Cyclops Assault: Expert, Valfarre Clash: Standard, and Valfarre Clash: Expert.

For Daily Endeavors (Wyrmite and Eldwater!) be sure to both host and join a co-op match. With the recent update, doing either costs two Getherwings at the highest difficulty.

Notable Drops

Recommended minimums for collecting the most valuable loot:  

  • Gold: 3000 emblems, Twinkling Sand x1

  • Silver: 580 emblems, Summon Voucher x3

  • Bronze: 700 emblems, Summon Voucher x3

Emblems required for completing each reward track:

  • Gold: 5000 emblems, Succulent Dragonfruit x20

  • Silver: 1000 emblems, Knight’s Testament x1

  • Bronze: 1000 emblems, Knight’s Testament x1

Players may reset the box upon pulling Peng Lai. Completely emptying each box for materials is optional, but note that the proportion of junk items will increase after four resets.

Fighting Valfarre

Target the tail for extra drops, including a chance for Golden Fragments.

Targeting the left or right hands will also significantly weaken Claw Crash, Valfarre’s grid-like or lattice-shaped signature move.

Maribelle, Lowen, Louise, Lin You, Ku Hai, Eleonora, Musashi, Pia and Ranzal are the best Adventurers for this Raid. Others will be vulnerable to Bog, especially during the Phantasmal Wolves attack. This one is difficult to avoid, but thankfully Valfarre’s attack animations can be cancelled two ways:

  • Shifting the mode gauge into Overdrive or Break

  • Demolishing a body part such as the hands or tail  

Getting the 90-second title will be tough, but with the right team, it can easily be done before the end of the event. The main strategy for quick clears is bringing Dragon Prep Wyrmprints such as Dragon Arcanum, Dragon’s Den and King’s Countenance. 1400+ Strength and offensive equipment are also recommended for the lead character.

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