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Should You Summon?

The Verdict: DEPENDS

Increased Adventurer rates make this banner great for acquiring more 5★ Adventurers. For those who missed the New Year's banner and its limited Shadow pulls, this one's a good deal, being the first addition of permanent Shadow characters. But given their future availability, nothing is lost from skipping this one, either. 

Warning, Adjusted Rates!

This banner has the same overall rate for 5★ summons, but because there are two focus 5★ Adventurers, the rates are slightly different. Normally the 2% base chance for a focus 5★ would be divided into 0.5% for Adventurer, 0.5% for Dragon, and 1% for Wyrmprint.

On this banner though, both 5★ Adventurers have a 0.5% chance each for a total of 1%. The Dragon has 0.5%, and the Wyrmprint has 0.5% as well. This means that:

  • The chance for a 5* Focus Wyrmprint is half its normal value.

  • The chance for a 5* Wyrmprint overall has been reduced from 2% to 1.5%.

  • The chance for a 5* Focus Adventurer is double its normal value.

  • The chance for a 5* Adventurer overall has improved from 1% to 1.5%.

Note: These are the base chance percent odds.


Should you Pull? YES

This is a good banner to summon Adventurers, as both new additions come at 5★ and have strong kits. Despite being a Healer-attacker hybrid of sorts, Heinwald is the best healing unit Shadow currently has. Curran is straightforward but powerful and is an excellent pickup for those looking for a solid Shadow damage dealer.

Heinwald, Seeker of Truth

  • Call of Chaos has lots of value, providing a heal and dealing damage at the same time while boasting a low SP cost.

  • Heinwald is the first healer to come with a teamwide Strength buff thanks to Abyssal Connection, which also improves the healing on Call of Chaos.

  • Thanks to Skill Prep +75% he can have healing ready from the beginning of any quest.

  • Paralysis Res +100% makes him a solid pick for fighting Jupiter.

  • HP 70% = Skill Damage +35% is an incredible passive, though like Aurien, he faces a dilemma since only one of his Skills does damage. 

Curran, Dogged Inquisitor

  • Circular Judgement debuffs enemies with Defense Down.

  • Merciless Blow is a pure attacking Skill, which is rare among 5★ Adventurers.

  • Overdrive Punisher +10/13% is a solid passive that boosts Curran’s damage without the need for Force Strikes.

  • Paralysis Res +100% makes him a solid pick for fighting Jupiter.

  • He’s a potent damage-dealer who bears similarities to simpler 4★ Adventurers.

Kleimann, Mad Sceintist

  • Although he isn't new, Kleimann does thematically fit this banner and is a solid 4★ Adventurer.
  • He's one of few characters with Blind Res, so those struggling with Light Imperial Onslaught may want to pick him up.
  • Otherwise, he's a decent ranged attacker with a straightforward kit.  


Should you Pull? DEPENDS

These dragons are not particularly amazing, both being outclassed by pre-existing dragons. Nyarlathotep is weaker than Marishiten and only has a slightly better aura than Juggernaut. Silke is a good budget choice for Shadow healers, but is outclassed by Nidhogg.


  • He is a Shadow-attuned Dragon who grants +35/50% to Strength (if HP is over 30%), and Last Bulwark I/II.

  • The shield granted by Last Bulwark is impressive, but this is balanced by the fact his aura can be deactivated.

  • He’s weaker than Maritishen and is barely stronger than Juggernaut, a 4★ Shadow Dragon.

Silke, Friend Eternal

  • Silke is a Shadow-attuned Dragon who grants +15/20% to Strength and HP when equipped.

  • She’s a great budget Dragon for healers thanks to her mixed boost, but is ultimately weaker than Nidhogg.

  • The Defense Down granted by her Skill is a very powerful effect and is often overlooked when picking a Dragon.


Should you Pull? NO

This is an awful banner to target Wyrmprints on because the rate of getting The Fleeting Girl is halved compared to normal banners. Even still, none of these Wyrmprints are particularly important, although The Fleeting Girl is excellent for auto-battling Imperial Onslaught.

The Fleeting Girl

  • This 5★ Wyrmprint grants Last Recovery II/III, Shield Prep I/II and boosts Forbidden Knowledge gain by 150% during the event.

  • This is a very good Wyrmprint for those looking to autobattle Imperial Onslaught, as the HP regeneration totals around half an Adventurer’s HP.

First-Rate Hospitality

  • This 4★ Wyrmprint grants Strength Doublebuff +5/8% and HP 70% = Strength +3/5%. It also boosts Forbidden Knowledge gain by +50/100% during the event.

  • Although it can provide a high total Strength increase, it is not stronger than Wyrmprints like Valiant Crown which also increase Skill Damage.

Heretic’s Library

  • This 3★ Wyrmprint grants (Shadow) Skill Haste +4/5% and boosts Arcane Tome intake by 50/75% during the event.

  • It’s only useful on Shadow-attuned Adventurers, but even then offers a meager boost compared to 4* and 5* Wyrmprints.

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