Should You Summon: Anniversary Gala

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Should You Summon: Anniversary Gala

Yes. Yes you should.

Disclaimer: The opinions below are written by GamePress and do not actually reflect Nintendo, Cygames, or the fairy Notte's opinions (probably. If they do, it was a coincidence).

Wow, has it really been a year already? Well, I guess time’s fun when you’re havin’ flies, and Euden’s back and better than ever! So, let’s kick things into overdrive and celebrate a whole year of Dragalia Lost!

To Go Even Further Beyond

Ah, they grow up so fast. One day you're adventuring with a young boy who doesn't have much ambition, and the next you're event planner for the strongest man in the halidom! Seriously though Euden, what have they been feeding you?

While you were partying, I was studying the blade...

While Gala Cleo set a high bar for how powerful units could become, Euden’s new form looks to be the first unit to reach that level. Everything about him, from his skills to his new Co-Ability are easily some of the strongest in the game. So yes, Euden is beyond fantastic and worth summoning for. 

Just to expand on that, Euden’s first skill offers a huge area that boosts Strength by by 20% for 10 seconds and deals a large amount of damage. That alone would be enough to get him a spot on most teams, but it gets better. His second skill deals damage, inflicts Paralysis, and then increases Strength and Defense by 15% and gives you a shield. That means that Euden can potentially buff your entire team for 35% Strength. That is, quite simply, nuts. Euden is now one of the buffers in the game, and one of the best DPS choices in general. 


Then of course there is Euden’s unique co-ability that boosts dragon damage and increases your attack rate. That’s just gravy, but there’s more! When Euden’s HP drops below 30%, he instantly fills 50% of his dragon gage (enough to shapeshift immediately at least once). And of course, he has double immunity to Poison and Curse. 


G!Euden is so strong, so overwhelmingly powerful that no one save for Gala Cleo even comes close to how potent he is. Like Cleo, Euden is even able to participate in off-element content, though obviously he's not as strong there. Simply put, I don’t think there are many situations in the current meta where using him isn’t the right choice for a Light team. He’s that good.

Should You Summon? While G!Euden is very strong, he is no longer rated up on this banner. As such, I can't recommend pulling to chase him as the odds are incredibly long. That said, that doesn't mean you shouldn't summon, just not for Euden.

I guess Euden never skipped leg day. Or arm day, or ab day, or any other day! He must have been training in 100x gravity to get this powerful! Sheesh. Anyway, let’s talk about the rest of the squad!


All the Gala Units are varying levels of good or great. Gala Cleo is obviously the best off focus, being a meta breaking and defining unit in her own right. She's currently the strongest Adventurer available, even better than Gala Euden in most content. She's by far the top prize, but she shares the same rate up as the other Gala adventurers. 

As for the rest, they’re all solid, powerful adventurers. I’d hesitate to rank them, and you should be happy to pick up any that you don’t already have. They all have the same summon rate however, and you're just as likely to get Sarisse as Mym. 


Should You Summon? Yes, but be very cautious chasing. The Summon rate is still .8% split amidst all four, so the odds of getting any of them specifically are still rather low. 

Final Verdict

This banner has the Gala rate of 6%. 

  • All older Gala Adventurers (Sarisse, G!Ranzel, Mym, and G!Cleo) share a .8% rate, or .2% each. 
  • All other 5* adventures share a 2.2% rate (Including Gala Euden, who is also at .062%).
  • All 5* dragons share a 3% rate (or .12% each)

SPECIAL NOTE: You’re getting 10 free pulls every day on this banner, or 20 pulls total. At this point this is the best banner we'll see for a while, so unless you have a special place in your heart for the Blue Bomber or one of the spoiled units on the next banner, now is the time to go all in. 

Thank you all so much for playing Dragalia Lost over the last year! And, on a personal note, thanks so much for reading my summoning guides! It means a lot to me, and I hope they’re been helpful! Here’s to a great year gone by, and an even better one yet to come!

Final Word: Yes. This is THE banner to pull on.

This is it folks! If you've been saving up or even if you're just using wyrmite as it comes, this is the time to pull. All Gala Adventurers on rate up are strong, with special mention to Gala Cleo as the top prize. Summon away, and here's to another year of Dragalia Lost!

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