Should You Summon: Big Chungus Special

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Should You Summon: Bait Dragons Extraordinaire


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What, another dragon banner? Right after a Gala? Please, there is no way that-

Woah. Um, that's a really big dragon. Some would even call them...Big Chungus.


Hippity hoppity this dragon is now my property.

Well, alright then. Gaibhne & Creidne (which will hence forth be referred to as Big Chungus because the actual name is too hard to spell) are hands down the best Water Dragon. In fact, they're generally one of the best dragons in the game. While not on the same level as Gala Dragons, and especially not Cat Sith, Big Chungus is arguably the closest one there is. The 35% skill gage fill combined with 45% Strength is pretty damn good. In certain situations Siren can beat it out but over all I'd argue that Big Chugus is the best current water dragon.

Since that's the case, if you lack a copy of Big Chungus and want to acquire one, this is a fairly decent banner to do it on. Not the best, mind you, but there are worse ways to spend your wyrmite. By my estimate, we're at least 3-5 months from getting a Water Gala dragon, as I expect us to get a Wind Gala dragon first, and I'd guess that will happen in August or early September. Cygames could surprise me, but that means at least in the short term I'd wager Big Chungus is a good investment, and even when the Gala Dragon comes out depending on how they shake out Big Chungus could end up in a good spot. 

Verdict: Maybe. This is the best Water Dragon by a significant margin, and as such can be worth getting. 

I'd say not to be hasty, but Freyja's always in a hurry to get those skills out, hey-o!

Freyja's a niche dragon, but she's a good one. On Tobias specifically, she's very good, and is a great pick for Templar Hope if you want to solo Expert Ciella. In some cases Ariel is arguably better, but the bonus of healing your team to full can be a layer of extra insurance that makes Freyja worth getting. 

That said, I wouldn't be running out just to grab her right now. If you really need Big Chungus, then Frejya is an alright consolation prize, but she's not worth going for in a vacuum at this stage in the game. 

Verdict: No. Freyja is too niche to specifically target and invest in for all but the most dedicated autobattlers. 

I'd say Azazel is the scapegoat in this banner but I think that reference is too arcane even for me. Plus, do we even have Yom Kippur here? If we do that raises some really interesting questions.

Azazel is a pretty good dragon for Grace. 

Verdict: No. Cat Sith exists now. 

On The Platinum Banner



A brief word on the Platinum Banner. Despite the picture, Big Chungus and friends are not on rate up: You have an equal chance at any dragon in the 5 ★ pool. If you need Dragons, this is actually a decent one to summon on. Keep in mind, you can get ANY dragon, so you could end up with a double Kamui as your "prize." However, the simple fact that you're guaranteed a 5 ★ dragon means that if you’re going to spend, there are worse things to do. This isn’t a Dream Summon, and honestly, you can definitely pass this, but if you're just trying to get some 5 ★ dragons this is probably a better bet than the regular banner, though again, there is no rate up on Big Chungus or other desirable dragons so you're just as likely to pull an Agni as you are a Shinobi. 

Final Verdict

About the Rates

This banner is a dragon banner, and as such all Adventurers are drastically rated down.

  • Special 4% rates, tilted towards dragons.
  • Big Chungus, Freyja, and Azazel, share a 2.4% rate and are at .8% each. 
  • Non-featured Adventurers are lowered to a .75%, rate, and there are no featured Adventurers.
  • Non-featured dragons 5☆ share a .85% rate. This excludes Gala and Limited Dragons. 

Final Verdict: No. While Big Chungus is great, the other dragons are medicore at best and this isn't a good place to blow a lot of wyrmite for all but the most dedicated of whales.

This is a better dragon banner than last time, but it's still just not a very good banner. With the overabundance of Galas now, I honestly wouldn't summon on any banner that didn't either have boosted rates or a highly desirable limited pick. 

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