Should you Summon? Dragon Special

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Article by Cecil

Should You Summon?

Overall Verdict: Dragon Special banners remain one of the best banners to summon on due to their reduced Wyrmprint rates. All three Dragons on this banner are useful, and both Mikoto and Vanessa are some of the best Flame-attuned Adventurers. Even Flash of Genius is a good Wyrmprint, being useful on your main damage dealer during raid events. Overall, this is a fantastic banner, and well worth summoning on.

In this article, I’ll be running over the rated up Adventurers, Dragons and Wyrmprints in order to help you make an informed decision whether or not you should summon on this banner.

As everyone has different priorities and budgets, the advice and analysis given may not apply to you. Ultimately, you should consider your own unique situation before deciding to summon.

But since Wyrmite/Diamantium is is a valuable currency for everyone, it’s always a good idea to consider the options before taking the plunge!

Warning! Adjusted Rates!

This banner is unusual: While most banners change the rate-ups, this one has fundamentally different rates.

Normally, a 5* summon has a 25% chance to be a Dragon or Adventurer, and a 50% chance to be a Wyrmprint. But on this banner, the chance for a 5* summon to be a Dragon is 60%, while Adventurer and Wyrmprint are both 20%.

What does this mean? Instead of seeing Wyrmprints 50% of the time, you’ll only see them 20% of the time. Although the chance of getting Adventurers is slightly reduced, this is a worthy trade considering the chances of picking up a Dragon are greatly boosted. If you hate getting 5* Wyrmprints while summoning, this might be the perfect banner for you!


Known for his strength when fighting High Midgardsormr, Mikoto is widely regarded as the best Flame-attuned Adventurer currently released. Vanessa is not quite on his level, but still ranks among the top five, and provides a mix of defense and offense with her ability set. Both of these Adventurers are highly regarded, can clear loads of content and are and worth trying to summon.

Mikoto, Nature’s Avatar

  • Mikoto is a Flame-attuned Blade user who can be summoned at five-star rarity.

  • He has long been the benchmark for damage-dealing adventurers, boasting incredibly high damage through his Ravenous Fire skill.

  • Mikoto has Stun Res +100%, making him perfect for fighting Midgardsormr and High Midgardsormr.

  • He boasts one of the highest raw Strength values at 520.

  • Mikoto is one of a few Adventurers who can boost their Attack Speed, making it a very valuable buff.

  • Thanks to his abilities Critical Rate +8% and HP 70% = Critical Rate 10%, Mikoto also does well when receiving Critical Damage boosts.

  • Due to his high damage, Stun Res, and co-ability, Mikoto is one of the most valuable Adventurers.

Vanessa, Red-Haired Warrior

  • Vanessa is a Flame-attuned Axe user who can be summoned at four-star rarity.

  • She’s a damage dealer with two attacking skills, one of which inflicts Defense Down 5% for 10 seconds.

  • Her presence is valued when fighting High Midgardsormr, as her Co-ability allows weaker units to survive his initial blast.

  • She also possesses Stun Res +100%, making her ideal for Midgardsormr and High Midgardsormr.

  • Her base Strength is high for a four star unit, and allows her to deal damage in line with five star units when fully built.

  • Thanks to her Force Strike +40% ability, Vanessa causes heavy damage to the Mode Gauge, and can push bosses to the Break state quickly.

  • She is a balanced Adventurer with many strengths, and brings both offensive and defensive power to a team.


Agni, Rapacious Firelord

  • He is a Flame-attuned Dragon who grants +40/60% to Strength.

  • He provides the current best Strength bonus for Flame alongside Cerberus.

  • However, he is ever-so-slightly inferior to Cerberus due to her Skill’s properties.

  • Agni is one of the best Flame Dragons, and well-worth summoning for.

Poseidon, Ocean Voyager

  • Poseidon is a Water-attuned Dragon who grants +20/30% to Strength and HP when equipped.

  • As far as damage-dealers go, Poseidon is inferior to Leviathan and Dragonyule Jeanne due to his lower Strength bonus.

  • However, he stands as the current best Dragon for Water-attuned healers.

  • He can make it easier for damage-dealers to survive High Brunhilda’s initial blast, but the lack of Strength compared to a fully-unbound Leviathan or Jeanne will make the fight itself more difficult.

Zephyr, Adulated Protector

  • He is a Wind-attuned Dragon who grants +40/60% to Strength.

  • He provides the best Strength bonus for Wind, exceeding Long Long/Roc’s 45% Strength bonus.

  • Zephyr works out stronger than Long Long when the Adventurer has 22% or less Critical Hit chance, so he is the best Dragon for damage-dealers under most circumstances.

Ifrit, Ferocious Fighter

  • He is a Flame-attuned Dragon who grants +30/45% to Strength.

  • He’s stronger than Pele when fully unbound, but weaker when not, due to the power of her Skill.

  • With multiple five star Dragons available for Damage-dealers, Ifrit is often overlooked as he has a lower Strength bonus than Agni and Cerberus and no useful niche.

Poli’ahu, Placid Guide

  • Poli-ahu is a Water-attuned Dragon who grants +15/20% to Strength and HP when equipped.

  • She’s a budget four star alternative to Poseidon, but is stronger than him when he’s not fully unbound.

  • Her Skill freezes enemies, which is a useful property when fighting many bosses.

Juggernaut, Violent Brute

  • He is a Shadow-attuned Dragon who grants +30/45% to Strength.

  • Notably, he provides the best Strength bonus to Shadow Adventurers of any non-limited Dragon (as Marishiten is limited).

  • However, Marishiten is outright better than him unless he’s fully unbound and she is not.

  • He is better for damage-dealers than Nidhogg overall, making him a great budget choice.


Both of these are Wyrmprints with great potential but limited use. Flash of Genius is very strong choice for Raid Battles, but is hard to keep maintained on most enemies. One with the Shadows grants a lot of Critical Rate and Broken Punisher, but is ultimately outstripped by Wyrmprints with bigger numbers and more useful effects.

Flash of Genius

  • This five-star Wyrmprint grants Flurry Strength +13/15% and Wind Res +5/8%

  • It’s an amazing choice for Raid Battles, as it is very easy to keep long combo counts in those fights.

  • It isn’t such a great choice for regular battles, as although the Strength bonus is high, it can be hard to consistently keep up combos against some enemies and bosses.

  • The effects synergise nicely with Gala Sarisse’s ability set.

  • The Wind Resistance is nice, but not meaningful in most quests.

One with the Shadows

  • This four-star Wyrmprint grants Critical Rate +4/5% and Broken Punisher +10/15%.

  • It is suited for Adventurers that have high Critical Damage, and can Break bosses quickly.

  • Unfortunately, it provides a weaker bonus overall compared to Wyrmprints such as Plunder Pals and Crystalian Envoy.

  • I had no idea how scary Jurota was until I saw the text for this Wyrmprint.

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