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Man, time’s really been DRAGON by with the new raid. It’s been a Long Long time since I saw any new faces at the Halidom, so I’d better Gilga-mash that summon button and hope that I get to Pro-meetheus some new dragons!

Ok, look, not all my puns can be winners, but anyways, the new Dragon Banner is here! Let’s take a look at how this one measures up.

About the Pull Rates

As this is a Dragon banner, special pull rates are available, with Dragons boosted. 

  • 5★ Focus Dragons are at 1.5%, split evenly between Long Long, Prometheus, and Gilgamesh

  • 5★ Focus Adventurer Louise is at .5%.

  • The chance for an off Focus 5★ Dragon is at 1.25% (.083% for individual)

  • The Chance for an off Focus 5★ Adventurer is .75% (.035% for individual) 

  • 4★ Dragons are at 5.25% for featured, 2.95% for non-featured. Adventurers are at 1.75% and 5.05% respectively. 


5★ Dragons

The Verdict: Probably not

  • All the dragons are niche choices, optimal in a limited number of quests.

  • Generally, more broadly useful dragons are better (outside of specific situations or pairings)

  • If you're desperate for dragons and only dragons, this is still an OK banner, especially since equipment can always be passed on to new characters.

Long Dragon

♫Lin You was Kung Fu fighting! Long Long’s fists were fast as lightning! Hiya!♫

The syllables don't match up...

As an offensively-focused Wind Dragon, the natural point of comparison for Long Long is with Zephyr, who as a pure Strength dragon offers a 60% boost. Long Long has a very respectable 45% Boost, and then an additional 55% boost to the Critical Damage modifier, or in other words increases the amount of damage your critical hits deal. So, the higher your chances of dealing a critical hit, the better Long Long becomes.

Since Zephyr offers a flat 15% more damage than Long Long ignoring Criticals, we can calculate the value for how much Crit you need for Long Long to become as good or better. The answer is ~21% Critical Hit Chance when MUB, or ~18% when not. So, what’s a characters natural crit rate?

For everyone not an Axe user, it’s 2% base, or 4% for Axes (though daggers have it higher thanks to their Co-Ability). This naturally means that Daggers and Axes will have an easier time hitting that 22% magic threshold for Long Long to be superior. For Adventurers like Lin You or Ku Hai with Wyrmprints like Kung Fu Master’s or Levin’s Champion, Long Long is superior to Zephyr.

But does this mean you should pull for Long Long? Only a maybe. If you absolutely must min-max and have the specific Adventurers who have Crit-based kits and have the Wyrmprints to optimize them, then it can be worth it to pull for Long Long, as he is a powerful niche dragon. For everyone else, you are better off sticking to a more generalist dragon like Zephyr and investing your resources appropriately.


I think Gilgamesh is the best example of a niche Light Dragon! As for Prometheus, he gave me the gift of fire. I use it to roast marshmallows. But an eagle took mine and flew off. Things like that are a daily torment for me.

As these are both niche resistance dragons, you would want to summon them for identical reason, just for differing elements. In both cases, they offer 50% STR and 15% resistance to their opposite element. In the case of both, as of now, there is no content outside of potential Nightmare Raids and Event Master Challenges that require a high enough DPS threshold while also dealing a significant amount of damage that would require such a hybridized dragon. Current content for the most part is best served by Cupid in the cast of Light Dragons, or Cerbrus/Agni in the case of Flame dragons.


However, we do know at least in the case of Gilgamesh that High Zodiark is going to come. Someday. Probably not for at least 4-5 months. That fight could well be made far easier with Gilgamesh. But that is speculation, pure and simple. Someday more challenging Wind Content will be released as well. But we don’t know when, and we don’t know what it will look like.

As such, it’s very difficult to recommend that you summon for either Gilgamesh or Prometheus, outside of rare, niche circumstances, or future content that rewards defensive strategies. Hold off, they’ll be around for future banners as well.

4★ Dragons

Roc, Lindwurm, and Vodyanoy are all fine 4☆ STR dragons for Wind, Light, and Water. They are all serviceable budget picks that can be easily MUB with Moonlight Stones from the Void shop. If you don’t have a copy of them, this banner is a great time to snatch one up. Otherwise, they’re completely outshone by a number of 5☆ dragons, including Gilgamesh and Long Long.


I mean, this is a dragon banner, right? You can choose to summon for Louise and Ku Hai here, but really you should focus on my awesome puns. I mean, the dragons. Pull for those, not the Adventurers. But if you must...


Unfortunately for Louise, she missed out on the meta train for High Mercury, as OG Maribelle is generally the preferred ranged DPS unit. That’s not to say that Louise is useless, or that you can’t successfully clear using her, just that Louise is somewhat off meta. She’s definitely the better of the two Wind Bow 5☆s (sorry Hawk!) and can put up some decent damage numbers.

Still, she’s not super desirable, and you’re best off saving your wyrmite instead of pulling for her here. Plus, her kit relies on poison, not crits, so she is a really poor pairing for bannermate Long Long. You probably shouldn't pull for Louise on this banner. 

Ku Hai:

As the only Wind Sword available outside of Gala’s, Ku Hai has a small claim to fame there. His kit is crit based and Long Long is a decent pairing for him dragon wise. Still, he’s definitely not a favorite choice and his kit is really wonky, with crit rate up only for limited windows of time but large doses of Crit Damage bonus. He’s certainly workable and can definitely clear High Mercury with a dedicated player, but he’s not many people’s first choice and is outshone by a large number of other Wind Adventurers. Don’t pull for him here.

The Verdict

 Probably pass on this one.

While the focus dragons are niche, and only Long Long has a clearly defined place in the meta, the fact remains that this banner has high rates for dragons of all stripes. If you are desperate for dragons in general, it might be worth it to do a few ten folds. Otherwise, save up that Wyrmite, as in a few months we’ll see the One Year Anniversary, and Limited summer seasonals are right around the corner!

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