Should You Summon: Dragon Special (April 2021)

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Should You Summon: Dragon Skip (April 2021)

Dragon Special (April 2021)

Disclaimer: The opinions below are written by GamePress and do not actually reflect Nintendo, Cygames, or the fairy Notte's opinions... probably. If they somehow do, it's merely coincidental!

Man, it’s so nice that the summoning lady is finally taking a break! ...What? Dragon Special? Do y’all hear something?

This ain't it, Chief

It’s been a while since I last saw Azazel, I wonder how his edgy poetry is coming along?

Azazel is a staple support dragon in Shadow teams thanks to his passive HP 30% and Skill Haste 35% abilities, making him one of the best choices for characters such as Patia, Grace and Shadow healers, allowing them to use their skills much more frequently. On top of this, while shapeshifted, Azazel grants a unique buff to the entire team that increases damage against poisoned enemies by 15% for 40 seconds when he uses his Merciless Doom skill (this buff doesn’t work if Curse of Nihility is in effect).

Despite all of these strong points, I don’t recommend summoning for Azazel here. The other featured dragons drag down the value of this showcase significantly and there are others coming soon with new adventurers and dragons (such as the confirmed Saiga, Isaac, Faeblessed Tobias, Summer Alex and Vania), as well as Gala Dragalia and the Fire Emblem Heroes reruns. If you want unbinds, it’s also likely that he’ll be included in the draconic essences soon as he is the oldest Shadow dragon who currently doesn’t have one.

Verdict: Maybe. Azazel is an excellent support dragon, however, this Summon Showcase has very low value considering the other featured dragons and this likely won’t be the last time we see him. You can make do with other options such as High Zodiark, Nidhogg or Ramiel if you’re not desperate.

I know Gabriel is like an overprotective mother to Pinon but girl, please, you just were here not that long ago!

The newest addition to the archangel line of dragons, Gabriel provides 60% Strength and then, when HP is restored, grants a further 10% Strength, 50% Defense and a 10% HP shield through her Gabriel’s Love buff, which is lost upon taking damage. Do note that the defense increase doesn't trigger doublebuffs. Her dragon form is also unique in that she’s able to heal the party through her regular combo string for a moderate amount and so far she’s the only dragon capable of inflicting frostbite through her skill.

Gabriel is an alright option for an offensive dragon providing some extra survivability through Gabriel’s Love, however, there are similar or better options in older dragons that can be unbound for free through draconic essences in Leviathan and Siren. On top of this, Gabriel is competing with Gaibhne & Creidhne (aka Big Chungus) and Gala Reborn Poseidon, both of which far surpass her in utility and offense respectively. It’s unfortunate to say but Gabriel didn’t live up to the standard set by Ramiel.

Verdict: No. Gabriel is ultimately an underwhelming dragon that is largely surpassed by her peers in all kinds of content, namely by Gala Reborn Poseidon and Gaibhne & Creidhne, and is easily replaceable by other free-to-play friendly options as well. Just wait for a better showcase if you need water dragons

This jerkface again?! Good thing I can join the fight now, let me teach this dude a thing or two!

Menoetius is similar to his brother Prometheus in that he increases Strength by 50% and Water Resistance 15%, he adds to this with his second ability, Vengeful Strength & Counter. When the equipped adventurer is hit by an attack that inflicts an affliction, they will counter with a sizable 2753% attack and grants the unique Deranged Thrill buff, increasing Strength by another 25% and lasts for 45 seconds. This effect has a 20 second cooldown and doesn’t stack. The only notable thing about Menoetius’ dragon form is that his skill hits for a high 2304% modifier and it applies stormlash.

Menoetius is a decent dragon on paper, though the way Vengeful Strength & Counter wants you to play is risky, leading you to take unnecessary damage in order to achieve optimal DPS, which can be troublesome. Much like Gabriel, there are other options through draconic essences that can easily replace Menoetius such as Pazuzu and Vayu. On the gacha side, he’s obscured by Gala Reborn Zephyr and Midgardsormr Zero.

Verdict: No. Menoetius is the new flavor of elemental resistance dragons. While good as insurance for auto strategies, he isn’t necessary for anything, his playstyle is unnecessarily risky and several wind dragons hold similar or more value. You’re better off waiting for a Gala Reborn Zephyr remix if you’re in need of wind dragons.

On Wyrmsigils

Besides the featured dragons, Yurius and Forte are also available to spark after obtaining 300 wyrmsigils. 

Yurius is a fairly unremarkable dragondrive unit, he simply offers raw damage, frostbite and a good coability combination is Skill Damage and Dragon Haste. As a DPS he’s a middle of the road option, he’s easily replaceable by Lily or Forager Cleo if you want a Water wand DPS on your team, and Pipple is a great support for doublebuffs that offers the same coability combination just with a slightly weaker Dragon Haste.

On the other hand, Forte is a Shadow dragon centric unit, able to quickly charge shapeshifts thanks to her Skills = Shapeshift Prep ability, allowing her to utilize abilities such as Dragon’s Claws, Dragon’s Skill and Dragon Damage to great effect. She’s a strong selfish DPS and holds the elusive Dragon’s Claws chain coability. 

Regardless of which adventurers or dragons are available in the wyrmsigil trade, I advise you don’t sink 300 summons into this Showcase, neither of these adventurers are meta defining or game changing. You shouldn’t go into a Showcase for the spark specifically in the first place in the majority of cases.

Final Verdict

Summoning Rates

This Showcase features the standard base 5☆ rate of 4%:

  • Featured dragons share a 2.4% focus rate, each having a 0.8% appearance rate.
  • Non-featured dragons have 0.85% appearance rate.
  • Adventurers have a 0.75% appearance rate, with no adventurers having an increased summoning rate.

Roc, Vodyanoy and Juggernaut share a 7% 4☆ focus rate.

Final Verdict: No. 

Besides Azazel, this Dragon Special doesn’t offer anything of worth through featured summoning rates. I heavily advise you refrain from summoning here as several of the upcoming showcases are much better resource investments.

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