Should You Summon: Dragon Special VII

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Should You Summon: Dragon Special VII

Curly, Moe, and Larry

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Whew, the party just doesn't stop! You'd think we'd have to get back to saving the world already! Or maybe we did? Ugh, time travel gives me a headache. But anyway, here's the next dragon special, here to keep things swinging!

Dragons Dragons Everywhere

The other day Arctos told me a bunch of monks had set up a boutique just outside the Halidom. Now, normally I’m all for getting flowers and stuff, but they were harassing everyone that was trying to come to the party! I tried to get rid of them, but they just wouldn’t listen to me! Then Arctos came up with a shovel and threw some dirt on them. That got rid of the problem! Turns out, only Arctos can prevent Florist Friars.

Arctos is in a weird position in the meta. His crit focused kit is solid, and with the right combinations of prints and Adventure choice he can be terrifying. Adventurers like Mikoto or Serena really appreciate him, and he’s generally great on a lot of Flame DPS. However, he's almost always behind either Sakuya or Cerberus (or even Apollo) when it comes to being the actual top pick. That means while he's certainly a solid, powerful pick, he's not necessarily a dragon you should be going out of your way to acquire. 


Verdict: No. Arctos is a solid dragon and one that you can happily use, but spending wyrmite or tickets on him feels like a waste when you could wait for a dragon with broader applicability. If you get him on a free pull he’s worth investing in, but otherwise hold off. 

Freyja told me that having such a big rack is really inconvenient. Guys are always staring at her, and sometimes she wishes she could cover it up better. I understand. If I always had to turn my head sideways to get through doors, I bet people would look at me weird too.

Once again, Freyja’s in an odd spot. On one hand, she’s the best dragon in most situations for Noelle, who is hands down one of the most powerful buffers and Wind Adventurers available. She’s also incredibly potent as a partner for a healer, specifically Lowen or B!Xania. On the other hand though, there are a lot of other good choices for those adventurers, and Frejya’s boost to them isn’t that much compared to what they could get out of other dragon choices. When choosing between spending resources on Frejya or Vayu (or even Zephyr) it rapidly becomes apparent that other dragon choices would have much broader applications across your stable. After all, there are plenty of other viable dragons in Wind for Noelle and Lowen, even if they don't offer quite the boost that Frejya does in their specific niche.

Verdict: No. Again, Freyja is powerful, but she’s just so incredibly niche that you’re better off saving resources to spend on dragons you can more easily use across all your stable. I wouldn’t be sad to land Frejya on a free pull, but I certainly wouldn’t spend wyrmite and tickets on her.

You might not believe this, but Siren’s become my absolute best friend ever since she started her singing career. She always brings chips with her no matter where she goes! I guess once you Pop, the Fun Don’t Stop.

Our last dragon is the weirdest one of all, at least as far as meta relevance goes. The thing is, Pop Star Siren has a really powerful passive in that increases dragon, but she herself is perhaps the worst dragon in the world to capitalize on it. Her attack sequence while in dragon form is utterly abysmal, and she would very much like to buff up her team and get out of dragon form as quickly as possible. That’s not to say she doesn’t have a spot on dedicated dragon time comps, especially if she was teamed up with Gala Euden, but Euden wouldn’t want to use her, instead preferring a dragon that could do a lot more damage when shapeshifted. All in all, Pop Star Siren has potential especially used on a dedicated buffing Adventurer, but right now there isn’t really a good fit for her in the Light stable. 

Verdict: No. Pop Star Siren is the most fringe of the fringe case dragons, and the majority of the time you will be better off using a better dragon. You especially shouldn’t be spending limited resources on her when she’s outdone even by Lindwurm in most situations.

Out of the 4★ dragon choices here, only Phoenix is any good. She seems poised to have a resurgence with the emergence of the harder dragon trials and raids, thanks to her powerful healing skill and paring with Verica and V!Hildegard. 

Unicorn and Stribog are terrible. Their actives are bad, and they only pair marginally well even with healers. 

Verdict: No. Perhaps if you need a single Phoenix to unbind, but other than that, don't bother. 

Final Verdict

This banner has the standard 5★ rate of 4%. 

  • The featured dragons each are at .8%, for a combined total to pull Arctos, Freyja, or Pop-Star Siren at 2.4%
  • All other 5★ dragons share a .85% rate.
  • All 5★ Adventurers share a .75% rate. There are no featured 5★ Adventurers. 

SPECIAL NOTE: You’re getting 10 free pulls every day on this banner, or 20 pulls total. 

Well, I guess this party is going out with a whimper, not with a bang. Oh well! At least I'll get some help cleaning up. Hey, wait, where'd everyone go? Ugh, this always happens to me. Ah well, more leftover cake for me!

Final Word: No. This banner is far too niche to invest in.

While you should of course use your free pulls, none of the featured dragons here are highly in demand for most adventurers. Save your wyrmite for now, and wait to see what comes next. 

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