Should You Summon: Dragonyule Defenders Two: Poetry Boogaloo

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Should You Summon: Dragonyule Defenders 2

*aggressive snapping*

These opinions from Gamepress are ours you see
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But we do like their games; we wish them well

‘Twas the Night Before Dragonyule, and all through the halls
Not a dragon was stirring, not even Mids the Smalls
The weapon scabbards were hung by the bed posts will care
In hopes that Phat Lewts soon would be there

Euden was snuggled all snug in his bed
While visions of Zethia Danced in his head
And Mym in her nightie, and I in my gown
Were snoring so loudly they heard from town

Then what should happen, but my belly did rumble
And out of my bed I did suddenly tumble
I was thirsty for eldwater, for summons I long
So started pulling for someone new to belong

For those whose spirts are more like the Grinch

And when you read rhymes you suddenly flinch

This link will lead you to a SYS of the traditional kind

It's OK if you like that way better, we don't mind

But for those who think that rhyming is fun

Just keep on reading, we're not nearly done!

Make my wish come true, all I want for Dragonyule, is a rainbow hue...

Some Cleo's they say, are way to OP
This Cleo is different, trust me you'll see
With bells in her hair, and a red winter gown
She'll all make you smile, and turn up your frown

Dragon Yule Cleo


When first Cleo came

One foul winter night

We all thought the same: 

She’ll give Flame foes a fright!


But alas this poor lass

Never found her spot

But not for her class

Burn Res she has not


Her DPS was quite good

Her skill one could Freeze

But Energy as it should

Didn’t make bosses a breeze


The skill shift gives strength

It’s a bonus to be sure

But the buff lacks length

The Crit does not endure


Her skill two it is said

Is really rather boring

Damage is its daily bread

No extras leaves us snoring


An HP conditional is really quite neat

But energy after thirty hits?

That sort of passive only leads to defeat

And a tier placement down in the pits


So Should You Summon for this lass?

The answer is sure

For most this is a pass

Unless you’re caught in Christmas Allure


Final Verdict: No

Cleo just doesn’t put up a show. 

A new challenger has entered the fight!
Why it’s Lady Starfall, what a delight!
But this bawdy young sniper has a new look
Which means your wyrmite isn’t off the hook

Lady Starfall Malora

Instead of Water Alignment

Malora remains in the Light

But she doesn’t lack refinement

Her Curse res is a delight


When the Saint of Seduction

Comes out to play

Her S1 has defense reduction

For your enemies to slay


Her S2 at first hits like a feather

But when combo’d with an S1

It’s an attack you won’t weather

But that combo isn’t quite done!


Overdrive Punisher is far from the worst

Combined with her personal shield

Her Passives will give plenty of burst

And allies will cheer when she takes the field


So Should you Summon for Malora?

I have this to say:

It’s a Yuletide Aurora!

You can safely Summon away


Final Verdict: Yes

Malora is dressed to impress. 

“Oh ho ho!” Xander said, as he got on his sleigh
“I am the present!” he said to children’s dismay
But the boastful old king had a secret to share
Candy canes in his image, sweet but hard to care

Xander the Dragonyul King

That jolly old king

with his wand and crown

Is sadly just the thing

To give you a frown


Once again he resists stun

He can really feel the Burn

Brunhilda may be fun

But Xander she would spurn


His first skill isn’t bad

It can even deal freeze

But what makes me sad

Is no Skill Prep to cheese


The second skill is actually lovely

It boosts strength, energy, and more!

But the high SP cost is ugly

And that will surely lower his score


Skill haste as a passive is really quite neat

But Strikers Energy just isn’t a treat


So to Xander we say, when he shows up;

“Here’s twenty one mana circles for you”

The story we’ll read for wyrmite to sup

Then we lock him away like he’s got the flu


The verdict is pass, what else can I say?

Xander is bad, and that won’t change today


Final Verdict: No

Not even if Xander’s DPS did grow

Some don’t like Zombies, they’re scared of the dead
But Nefaria’s not like them, it must surely be said
She’s sweet and she’s kind, the perfect queen
And she loves the children, just like Nurse Aeleen

Neferia the Warm Zombie


Neferia has Burn Res it’s true, 

So you might start to think

That this Adventurer has a clue

Not this one, she really does stink


With a line shot Skill One

That has poor damage output

It’s hard to have much fun

When it’s you who goes kaput 


Gifts, Neferia brings to a group

One that grants a nice shield

But it requires you jump a hoop

Force Strikes? I’ll just yield


A skill damage passive

Is a nice one to keep

But her Freeze isn’t massive

And the hit count isn’t cheap


So Neferia’s kit, I am sad to say

Has nothing of merit, it’s junk!

So close your wallets, don’t pay

Not one summon, Neferia’s sunk


Final Verdict: No

Neferia’s out in the snow. 

Notte:  The carrier’s arrived! The support is here!

But what’s this? Noelle has failed to appear!

Instead we have Xainfried pulling the sleigh

But frankly his buffs just lead to dismay

Xainfried the Reindeer

Xainfried got an alt!

Let’s all shout hurrah!

It’s just not his fault

His copy has a flaw


He’s been cribbing notes

From sweet little Noelle 

But he’s not got my vote

And his support has fell


His S1 is a Crit Buff

But only twenty percent?

That’s just not the stuff

You want for a present 


His S2 can call dragons

And deal some damage

But avoid the bandwagon

He’s not much to manage


Primed Strength is decent

But to be quite fair

Noelle is still recent

And she does her fair share


A Passive Dragon Claws is wasted

On a support class you see

And if of Noelle’s buffs you’ve tasted

Xainfried isn’t who you’ll want to be


On once again on this banner I say

The four stars aren’t that good

Much to our great dismay

Save your wyrmite, you should


The Verdict: It’s no

Xainfried tried, but his sleigh just won’t go

Oh I want a MUB dragon for christmas, only a MUB dragon will do

With a Saintly demeanor and her beatific smile
Jeanne is a dragon I've wanted for a while
Her dress is quite lovely, but don't be a fool
If you act like a Scrooge, she'll send you to school

The Saintly Jeanne

A Water Dragon with crit?

Tell me no more!

She’s sure to be a hit!

Unless there was another in store…


As dragons go Jeanne’s a fine one

Her kit is just fine, there I don’t quibble

Though I recall Siren is really quite fun

While Leviathan turns your foes into kibble


So it’s not that this Crit lass can’t pass

Or that her kit doesn’t work like it should

It’s that other dragons are giving her sass

But if what if I lacked them? Pull? I would


Final Verdict: Mayhaps

Jeanne is good, but other dragons are better perhaps. 

Some words are hard, just take one like Phoenix

To find a good rhyme I must get a Kleenex

Corsaint is better, that I can find a good verse

Though I seem to have lost it, I’d better rehearse

A Light Phoenix 


A punisher dragon! I let out a sigh

Primed Dragons are all I’ve had for a while

And just couldn’t do it, I can’t tell a lie

Primed is bad, but Punisher gives me a smile


But Phoenix has problems, and more than one

She can’t really be blamed for her slight flaw

But Cupid has put Light dragons under a gun

For in Zodiark dragons need heals, it’s the law


So while Phoenix has a good kit

Pulling for her shouldn’t be quick

If you have Cupid, he’s a real hit

But she’s not quite the same pick


Final Verdict: Perhaps

She’s not limited, so you can just let this lapse. 

Final Verdict

The rates, oh the rates!


These rates are the same

Expect 4%, and not one bit more

Which is really a shame

It's limited so that's what's in store


So Malora and Cleo share a 1% split

So if you pull on this banner

You don't know which you'll hit

Their rates share the same manner


Then there's all the Four Star

Xander, Neferia, Xainfried, oh my!

Their 1.75% is rather on par

If you want them give this a try


The dragons again 1.6% they share

But since they're both a different kind

It's best that the buyer beware

You can get either, keep that in mind

Final Verdict: Maybe


The Final Verdict is here

But it's maybe it's true

Unless missing out is a fear

Or you need a new one or two


Perhaps this time is a pass

For New Years is approaching

And we know Ieyasu has class

Saving up is something I'm coaching


This time of the year, it's hard on a stash

Our wallets Cygames may plunder today 

But fear not my friends,  and don't be rash

It's wiser to save than recklessly pay


So Merry Dragonyule to all, and to all a good fight. 

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