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Should You Summon: I Don't Dream of Jeanne

Dream On

Disclaimer: The opinions below are written by GamePress and do not actually reflect Nintendo, Cygames, or the fairy Notte's opinions (probably. If they do, it was a coincidence).

Life Is a Dream We All Must Wake

The new Dream Summon is here, and that means we all have the opportunity to augment our rosters with the Adventurer or Dragon of our choice! But what should you choose? Well, perhaps I can lend you a hand in making that decision. 


Option 1: Choose your favorite


If you have your heart set on getting Lea because she’s your favorite character, don’t let me stop you. Just because your waifu doesn’t hang out with the cool kids in tier 1 doesn’t mean that you can’t pick them and have fun. 


That being said, let’s talk about the cool kids in tier 1. 

Option 2: Pick a strong dragon to progress

If you missed out on the best dragons in the game, there is no surer way to progress than to pick one up now and then unbind it with Sunlight Stones over time. Even if you happen to get a duplicate down the road, you can either use it to unbind your chosen dragon further or start a second one to use in Mercurial Gauntlet. That combined with the fact that Dragons can be used across different Adventurers for different content means that Dream Summoning a Dragon is the best way to go for progression.

Flame Dragon: Konohana Sakuya

Sadly, the best option for Flame, Dreadking Rathalos, is limited and therefore not an option in this Dream Summon. As such, I highly suggest that you choose the Skill Dragon Konohana Sakuya as your Flame Dragon of choice. She’s usable across the entire Flame Roster, and is optimal on a number of Adventurers like Rena and Gala Sarisse. Even for Adventurers where Sakuya isn’t the optimal choice, she’s still extremely viable. 

Alternatives: Arctos, Apollo. For Flame, niche options include Arctos for Ezelith, or Apollo for Burn focused teams with inclusions like Xania or Euden. 

Water Dragon: Siren

In a continuing theme of skill Dragons, I suggest Water Siren as the Dragon of choice if you wish to amplify your Water roster. Again, she’s usable across a wide number of Adventurers and is optimal for a huge portion of the Water roster. Note, however, that if you recently got Hunter Sarisse she is a very poor choice, as she relies on Force Strikes and Siren does little for that. 

Alternative: Leviathan. While he’s slowly fading into the background and will likely be outmoded as soon as Water gets a 2nd Generation Dragon, he’s still quite powerful and offers Bog at key moments of a fight, and is the best non-limited dragon for Hunter Sarisse. 

Wind: AC-011 Garland

Currently, Wind is the only Element with a non-limited 2nd Generation Dragon, and Garland is easily the best general in Wind. He offers a massive 80% Strength Boost when you can preserve his shield, and he’s got the added bonus of giving you the ability to survive small mistakes. He's optimal on a huge portion of the Wind roster and is great on any Wind Adventurer. 

Alternative: Vayu, Freyja. Vayu is perhaps the least appealing of the skill dragons for a Dream Summon, but he’s still really powerful and usable on a wide number of Adventurers. Notably, Victor prefers Vayu to all other dragons at this time. Freyja is notable for being the best Dragon for Noelle.

Light Dragon
Light Dragon: Cupid

Despite Light having a 2nd Generation Dragon, Cupid remains the most popular pick simply due to the utility he brings with his heal. He’s not better than the limited Daikokuten, but he’s certainly a viable alternative choice. He notably makes a great dragon for Mercurial Gauntlet and High Zodiark as his heal allows you to forgo a staff user for more DPS. 

Alternative: Corsaint Phoenix. Phoenix offers more DPS than Cupid along with better attack frames and a higher boost. Notably, she’s one of the best choices for Paralysis teams or Adventurers that can’t easily get Daikokuten’s flurry going.

Shadow Dragon: Shinobi

Even with the release of Fatalis, Shinobi reigns supreme as the Dragon of choice for Shadow. Notably, even if you ignore Fatalis’ Curse on Shapeshift, Shinobi is still best on Gala Cleo, bleeders like Ieyasu or Botan, and even Valentine’s Addis. The only Adventurer where he’s not truly viable is Durant, and he’s less than stellar on Delphi as well. 

Alternative: There really isn’t one. The only other good Shadow dragons are Fatalis and Marishiten, and they are both limited. 

I'm Going on an Adventure!

Option 3: Pick out a strong Adventurer. 

If you already have the Dragon, this is the option to go with. The difference between having a top tier Adventurer and a lower tier one can be lesser than it is with a dragon, but it does make a large difference in your acceptance into PUGs or even just learning fights because you have a wider margin of error.

Flame Adventurer: Don't

I am going to advise that if you are looking to progress, you not summon a Flame Adventurer. The reason for this is simple: Two of the best Flame Adventurers are Euden and Xania. Euden is free, and Xania is a 3★ who is easily obtainable through the normal course of summons. As such, it’s extremely wasteful to recommend someone Dream Summon for a Flame Adventurer. 

Water Adventurer: Jiang Ziya

This is an extremely weak recommendation, and I actually would suggest you steer clear of this unless your heart is set on healing. Jiang will help you progress, but not as much as picking up a DPS Adventurer would. Unfortunately, the best Water options are Gala Elisanne and Hunter Sarisse, who are both limited. Jiang is also on short notice, as teams are growing frighteningly close to being able to down High Brunhilda with quad DPS comps especially with the revive system in place. Still, she’s popular enough I can safely say that if you do have her you’ll be able to get groups for the time being.

Wind Adventurer: Victor or Wedding Elisanne

Both Victor and Wedding Elisanne have proven themselves to be cornerstones of the metagame. While Victor is slightly vulnerable to being bumped by Valentines Melody or another future Adventurer with still higher DPS, he’s still extremely popular and one of the top picks for Wind DPS. On the other hand, it doesn’t look like anything is going to stop the Double W!Eli meta any time soon. The safety net provided by her healing along with her ability to rapidly break the boss and provide insane burst with her Defense Down zone makes her nearly mandatory for High Mercury. 

Light Adventurer: Don't

Sadly, every single one of the meta choices for Light is a limited Adventurer. The alternative picks, Fleur and to a lesser degree Yachiyo, are 4★  Adventurers and it would be a waste to Dream Summon them when they’re easily obtained over the normal course of playing the game. As such, I just can’t recommend that you Dream Summon a Light adventurer. 

Shadow Adventurer: Delphi

With the recent release of his Mana Spiral, the already strong Delphi has smashed the existing Dark metagame and nearly completely pushed poor Audric right out of the fight against High Jupiter. His extremely high damage potential along with the utility of both his Poison and his Defense Down zone make him excellent for any team. 


Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it to spend the money on a Dream Summon. If you are going to spend money in this game, this is by far the best time to do it, as you are guaranteed to get what you want. As a bonus, you even get an additional 10 fold ticket, but it’s worth noting that nothing in this game is worth breaking the bank over. Dragalia is generous enough that if you wait long enough, you’ll be able to progress, just not at the bleeding edge. Whatever you choose, I hope this guide has been helpful to you for your future endeavors in Alberia.

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