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Notte: Happy New- Wait, hold on, that was last time! Well, Euden throws a party every other day, so I guess I just lost track of things! Still, it’s good to have Ieyasu and his attendants back, especially as they’ve become even more relevant than ever! Let's take a look at these Adventures at the Bleed-ing edge of content!

Should You Summon? YES!

A lot has changed since the first time this banner ran, with the Shadow Element receiving several powerful new Adventurers, High Mercury, and of course the release of Void Battles and the removal of Wyrmprints from the summon pool.

What hasn’t changed though is that Bleed is one of the best debuffs in the game, and that these Dragons and Adventurers are some of the most dominant DPS choices around. Many players have found success using the Eastern Emissaries Adventurers off-element or even off-resistance, and Marishiten has been the best Shadow DPS dragon since her release.


Man, I hope Sazanka is here to kick butt and make mochi! But mostly mochi, that stuff is delicious! Hey Curran, you want any mochi? Two mochi please! And one for my friend here, too.

Should You Pull? YES

All three Eastern Emissary Adventurers on this banner have something to offer. While Ieyasu is the obvious goal, a Shadow Axe and Freeze-immune Wind Blade are great characters to get in the interim. Being both limited and of 4* rarity, they’ll be valuable additions to the roster for flexibility with future content. On top of that, Bleeding is an incredibly powerful status-- at least for the moment. Regardless of whether future balancing changes weaken Bleeding, it's another stackable status that's easy to play around. 

The weak link here is Curran guest starring from the permanent pool, but even he's a top pick among them and a great pull if you don't have him yet.

Overview of Ieyasu

  • Highest neutral DPS currently available, and the best Shadow DPS bar none.

  • HP 70% = Critical Rate +10% has great synergy with Critical Damage +20% and follows the current gameplay shift towards critical-boosting equipment. Blade Formation also notably improves Critical Rate against Bleeding enemies, adding even more venues for increased damage.

  • Ieyasu has proven himself time and again in a multitude of content, even off element, thanks to bleed being so effective against ever inflating health pools.

Overview of Addis

  • Vastly superior to Musashi, even in Bog content, thanks to his Bleed being so powerful.

  • One of the top choices for High Mercury.

  • Bleeding Punisher just enhances his power even further; while other statuses provide a small window for bonus damage, Addis can easily fire off his low-SP Skills within the long duration of Bleeding.

Overview of Curran

  • Excellent Burst DPS, truly shines in short fights, or where Bleed would be ineffective.

  • Simple, direct kit that is great for punishing bosses in the Overdrive state.

  • Unfortunately, sharing this banner with Sazanka means that Curran is somewhat outshone, as Sazanka is just as good, if not better, for available content.

Overview of Sazanka

  • Two status effects, Sleep and Bleeding, make her an excellent debuffer.

  • Nothing quite beats Overdrive Punisher for boss cycles, but Sazanka's Gauge Accelerator is a close second.

  • Competes with Curran in the Shadow Axe DPS slot. Sazanka pulls ahead in longer fights, especially against enemies with huge health pools where Bleed is most effective.


Wow, Martishiten brought her boars back with her! I learned my lesson last time though: Her boars are for petting, not eating. Wait, did anyone tell Juggernaut that?

Should You Pull? YES

Marishiten is the real jackpot of this banner, being a 40-60% Strength booster and hands down the top Shadow DPS dragon, even with several new releases to compete with. Her skill also inflicts Bleed, and does so in an AOE that can wipe out an entire wave of foes. 

Juggernaut is a good consolation prize, especially when MUB. Offering a 30-45% strength boost, he's actually better than Marishiten if she's not fully unbound herself and he is. 

The Verdict: If you're missing anyone but Curran, Yes

This is the first real re-run banner Dragalia Lost has seen, so many people will have already picked up the choice offerings. If you’ve already got Marishiten and most of the Adventurers, you can safely pass. However, if you missed out the first time, this is a great opportunity to pick up some of the most powerful limited summons we’ve yet seen. Curran is the only real dud here, and that's mostly because he shares a banner with a 4★ who is not only competition, but can outperform him. Plus, since he's not in the limited pool, you can take your time acquiring him. 

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