Should You Summon? Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes

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Should you Summon?

Disclaimer: The opinions below are written by GamePress and do not actually reflect Nintendo, Cygames, Pantsless Marth, Marth, Feh, or the fairy Notte's opinions... probably. If they somehow do, it's merely coincidental!

I’ve been looking forward to this! It’s the Fire Emblem Heroes crossover special: Lost Heroes! And with me today is an esteemed guest: the Order of Heroes messenger owl, Feh!

Wooooooow! Hellooooo everyyyooooone! I’m sooooooo eeeeexcited! Feeeeeeehhhhh!

Um… could you please talk normally?

Sorry... This banner reveals three new 5★ Adventurers, all from Fire Emblem Heroes! Wooooow!

Should You Summon?

The Verdict: YES

If you’re a Fire Emblem fan, I recommend taking the plunge as all new Adventurers are limited! Even better, the lack of summonable Wyrmprints makes 5★ summons much more rewarding overall. Marth looks very strong, but with so many great High Midgardsormr units in the wings, he’s not exactly necessary. Fjorm and Veronica are in the same boat, but have slightly worse passive abilities.

For more discussion on the characters and their kits, see the Tier List speculation post! 

Important Notice: Summoning Pool Changes

A recent announcement from the Dragalia Lost team revealed that Wyrmprints will no longer be available through summoning. The Lost Heroes banner is the first in which Wyrmprints cannot be summoned.

Of course, this means the summon rates for the Lost Heroes banner are adjusted from the norm. Please find the adjusted summon rates below:

5 Focus Adventurer: 1.5%

5 Adventurer: 1.25%

5 Dragon: 1.25%

It’s not clear yet just how summon rates will be finalized, so we recommend paying close attention to the rates for each banner in the near future!




First up is... Marth! He’s a 5★ Flame Sword user!

What an entry for the series mascot! And he comes with two damage-dealing skills, establishing himself as an offensive Adventurer.

Not only that, he can restore his own HP and buff the Strength of his allies! What can I say, he’s the kind of guy who likes to fight “with everyone.”


Marth! You have an English voice now, remember?

...Oh. Right.

Everyone, look at me!

A damage dealer with some team support abilities? Sounds good. And his Last Boost readies everyone’s Skills when his HP drops below 30%.

Wait a minute… wouldn’t that make him great for High Midgardsormr? He even has Stun Res!

High Whooguardsummer? Anyway, next is Fjorm, the Ice Princess!


Don’t we already have one of those? Oh well. Fjorm is a 5★ Water Lance user. She’s a damage-dealer who can Freeze enemies. We DEFINITELY have one of those.

Wait! Fjorm is best known for her Ice Mirror ability! It deals more damage the more she takes. Fjorm can also provide a huge buff to her team's Strength and Defense with her Last Bravery ability.

Yes, but she can only do it once per game. Although I suppose alongside her Burn Res and HP boost Co-Ability, she’d be well-suited to fighting High Brunhilda.

Brunhilda? Wait, isn’t that Leo’s-


Onto our final Lost Hero! The Emblian Princess Veronica, who is a 5★ Shadow Wand user!

Uh, is it just me, or does she totally look like a bad guy? Cleo, lock the castle gates!

She may have a checkered past, but I promise you she's all good! Veronica’s built for doing craaazy damage with her dual damage-dealing Skills.

She can restore her own HP with Nosferatu, and her Gespenst Skill deals more damage the lower her HP is! Seems nifty, although those effects seem to clash a little.

Combined with her Last Destruction ability, it seems like Veronica’s meant to be used at low HP. I wonder what kind of strategies could be formed from her abilities?

Well, that’s it for us. Feh, did you want to try playing some Dragalia Lost?

Take that! And that! Hiyaaa! And…. TRANSFORM! Kapow! Wrrrooaar!


...I’m taking that phone off her. Goodbye, and good luck summoning!

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