Should You Summon: Gala Anniversary the Second

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Should You Summon: Anniversary Gala 2


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...wait I'm broke after summoning for Nefaria last banner. Crap.

Does it spark your interest?

There's just so many cool Gala Adventures! I don't know which one I-

Hahahaha, we all know it's Galex and Gleo. Always has been.

Sparking is here, so from now on, this is my advise, which I will repeat over, and over, and over again: Only summon if you have enough to spark, and only summon if you are willing to summon enough to spark. That's it. You'll never walk away empty handed again. Sure, it means you can only summon on certain banners, but the patience is well worth it. Just wait and be patient, and good things will come to those who wait on having 300 summons. It doesn't even take that long, since tickets count too. 

For this banner, obviously use your free summons at least, but what about sparking targets? That's actually really, really hard to advise on, because the game has just changed so dramatically that my tried and true advice (Gleo and Galex are the Queens) might not be so relevant any more. I'm still testing things out, and so are a lot of other people, but here is my GENERAL advice on sparking for this banner:

Use it on a Gala Dragon. Yes, you heard me. Don't go for any of the Adventurers. Those are neat bonuses. Do a platinum summon for them if you need some of them (it's a good return on investment even if it doesn't spark, as getting a guaranteed Adventurer is worth the gamble if you are missing at least 2+). But as good as the Adventurers are, Thor, Mars, and Cat Sith are not only far more useful across a wide number of Adventurers, they also get better in multiples instead of being a whammy. You can either use dups to unbind, or use sunstones and kit out another Adventure for soloing. If you get an Adventurer, neat, that's a good bonus. But they will get outmoded, and even though the Dragons will, someday, be powercrept, that's so far off that they're a far safer use of your sparks. 

Verdict: Yes, and use your sparks on a gala dragon. Choose the one that best compliments your stable. 

Final Verdict

About the Rates

This is a special Gala Banner. Rates are at 6%, and Gala Exclusives are in the pool.

  • Special Gala 6% rates, 2% higher than normal. 
  • No Adventurer or dragon is on rate up. Thus, only summon to spark, even if you are new. Sparking is too powerful to throw summons away. 
  • Just for an example, all Adventurers are at .04%, and all dragons are at .06%. This is far too low to chase anyone.

Final Verdict: Yes, if you are sparking, no otherwise. 

With no rate ups, chasing is pointless unless you have a specific target and are willing to throw in enough summons to get a spark and pick your prize. As those are all Gala Dragons and Adventurers, this is a GREAT time to do this. Otherwise, wait and save up for a time when you can spark. 

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