Should you Summon? Gala Dragalia

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Should you Summon?

Verdict: With only Sarisse rated up, this banner should be an easy skip for most players. However, with the overall rate of 5★ drops temporarily boosted, it's a tantalizing banner to pull on. Anyone with hopes for a specific Adventurer/Dragon/Wyrmprint is better off skipping, but for those who wish to collect more Adventurers or increase unbind levels, it's a good deal.  

Warning: Adjusted Rates

Gala Dragalia Banners boost the base rate for a 5★ Summon to 6%, up from the normal 4%. This makes it more likely to summon a 5★ Adventurer, Dragon or Wyrmprint! The ratio of Adventurers, Dragons and Wyrmprints remains the same.

However, without anything but Gala Sarisse on rate-up, the chances are split evenly by everything in the Dragon and Wyrmprint pools. Non-featured drops will be highly random, but thanks to the higher 5★ rates, they will also be more abundant. For those looking to unbind Dragons and Wyrmprints, this is a good opportunity to collect extra copies or fill out the roster.

Please note that the rate for Gala Sarisse is 0.5%, the same as a rated-up Adventurer on a regular banner. Although the overall rate for summoning 5drops is higher, the chances of getting Gala Sarisse are no higher than on a normal banner.


Gala Sarisse

  • Limited to Gala Dragalia 

  • Her dual Sleep/Stun Resistance granted by Woodland Blessing allows her to be used effectively in all wind-attuned content.

  • Brilliant Bolt is very easy to build up as Sylvan Strength’s buff can stack upon itself multiple times, and Bow users can quickly build combo hits.

  • Buff Time synergises very well with the rest of her kit and is a big boon for her.

  • She is a good user of the Valiant Crown Wyrmprint, due to the defense buff granted by Cheerful Assist.

  • Unlike other 5* Bow users she is not dependent on using Afflictions, making her a more reliable damage-dealer.

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