Should You Summon: Rise of Dragons IX

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Should You Summon: More Dragons


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It's that time again, when lonely Adventurers set out to find the perfect partner. A Dragon Partner that is! So take out your speed dating tips and swipe right for the dragons you'd like!

The Perfect Match

First up, he's burnin' hot and shirtless too boot! If you're in need of a hunk o' burnin' love, then look no further than Apollo!

For a long time now, the Flame Meta has been slowly shifting over to be more and more based around teams that emphasize using Burn punisher as a way to clear content, both in Volk and in High Midgardsormr. With that in mind, Apollo has become one of the most desirable dragons in Flame, and is one of the best Flame dragons you can pick up. He’s not quite the best overall Flame dragon, that particular honor goes to Dreadking Rathalos, but for Adventurers like Xania who rarely use Force Strikes Apollo is definitely the best option. 


Ultimately, there are two factors that should influence you if you pull here: the first is, do you have Dreadking Rathalos? If you do, he’s easily the Flame Dragon you should invest in for the foreseeable future, unless you prefer to run Xania. If you don’t have DK, then Apollo is your next best bet for now. The second is whether or not you plan on running a Burn comp, which if you are planning to tackle end game content you should be. In either of those cases, Apollo is a prime dragon to acquire and use for the majority of the Flame Roster.


Verdict: Yes. If you need a Flame Dragon, Apollo is one of the best options (save for Ezelith, who prefers Arctos in most circumstances). 

She can sing, she can dance, and she's not a belly flop! If you need to cool off, Siren's the Dragon to soothe your soul and show off your skills!

As a skill Dragon, Siren is one of the more desirable options in the Water roster. However, it should be noted that the Water meta is currently primarily focused on Hunter Sarisse and Gala Elisanne, and Siren is not a good fit for either of them. She is excellent paired with Lily, decent paired with Celaria, and good on any Adventurer that deals most of their damage through Skills. She’s definitely picking up a copy or two for your team, just be warned that she’s not quite as dominant right now with Lily getting edged out of the meta. Should the right Water Adventurers receive mana spirals though, you can expect Siren to rise to prominence once again.


Verdict: Yes. Siren continues to be a strong dragon, though immediately unbinding her might not be as wise as getting a copy to save. 

More into the Dark and brooding type? Don't worry, Shinobi's got you covered! Tall, dark, and handsome, he's quite the catch!

Even with the release of Fatalis, Shinobi continues to reign supreme as the best of the best for Shadow Dragons for the majority of the Shadow roster. The only Adventurers of note that does not want Shinobi are Delphi, who would prefer Marishiten or better yet Fatalis provided he doesn’t need to shapeshift, and Patia, who is more support focused and doesn't get much from Skill damage. For the rest of the meta relevant Shadow roster, Shinobi is still their best bet. With Light Agito right around the corner, now is the time to pick up a Shinobi.

The Verdict: Yes. Shinobi is an excellent dragon. 

The Leftovers

Willing to settle? Well, these boys aren't the pick of the litter, but they're better than nothing I suppose.

Ifrit, Vodyanoy, and Juggernaut are all respectable choices for newer players. They're all easy to MUB through the void shop with Moonlite stones, and they offer a respectable 45% boost to strength at max level. None of them are really worth chasing these days, but they're all decent enough. 

Verdict: No. Unless you are brand new and have no dragons at all, there's no reason to pull. Even then, you'll get these three eventually. 

Final Verdict

About the Rates

This banner is a dragon banner, and as such all Adventurers are drastically rated down. No limited Adventurers are featured, though you have a minuscule chance of getting the old Valentines units and Epimetheus. 

  • Special 4% rates, tilted towards dragons.
  • Apollo, Siren, and Shinobi share a 2.4% rate and are at .8% each. 
  • Non-featured Adventurers are lowered to a .75%, rate, and there are no featured Adventurers.
  • Non-featured dragons 5☆ share a .85% rate.
  • The Juggernaut, Vodyanoy, and Ifrit share a 7% rate and are at 2.3% rate each.

Final Verdict: If you need dragons, yes. This is one of the best Dragon Banners we've ever seen as all the options are good with no featured duds. 

As long as you don't mind which of the Featured Dragons you get, this is a pretty good banner to throw a ten fold or two at. I wouldn't go ham on this banner as none of the Dragons are 2nd Generation Meta definers (who are sure to come in the following weeks and months) but are all solid options that most players could use a copy or two. 

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