Should You Summon: Summer Mym

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Should You Summon: Summer Mym


Disclaimer: The opinions below are written by GamePress and do not actually reflect Nintendo or Cygames.... maybe. If they somehow do, it's merely coincidental!

Welcome back to another edition of the Should You Summon articles, a guide to provide a secondary opinion as to whether you should spend your summoning currency on the newly released units. And this article will be short, as the release of the latest banner only comes with one new adventurer: Summer Mym. As a quick reminder this banner will provide 10 days of daily free tenfold summons for a total of 100 free summons on this banner. As such, you may wish to wait for the free summons to finish for this current banner before utilising any of your own personal summoning stash.

Just Mym

Summer Mym is the first permanent shadow manacaster to enter the game, and while she engages the long-range mode of her weapon archetype, she is quite different to her compatriots. This is tied to her passive ability Summer Sparks, which grants her a dragondrive gauge that replaces the typical shapeshift that other adventurer possess. Whenever she enters her dragondrive mode, by simply pressing the shapeshift button, Summer Mym is granted:

  • Unique standard attacks which fill the user’s dragondrive gauge whenever they connect. Summer Mym’s weapon will now fire two consecutive shots, each dealing 2 hits, respectively.
  • 25% strength boost

When she enters dragondrive mode, her first skill Twilit Memory is also powered up. This skill normally deals 2 hits of 513% damage to surrounding enemies, reduces their defence by 5% for 10 seconds, inflicts shadowblight, and fills the dragondrive gauge by roughly 10%. Do note that for Summer Mym to enter her dragondrive mode she only requires 40% of the gauge to fill, so this is effectively a quarter of a way to fulfill this requirement. When in dragondrive mode, the empowered version will instead consume approximately 28% of the gauge, but will now do, on top of the previously stated benefits, 2 hits of 624%, empowers the users’ standard attacks for 10 seconds, and automatically refills the skill for use again.

Looking through the rest of her kit, her second skill A Midsummer Night’s Blast deals 1 hit of 1767% damage to enemies in a line and grants a strength amp. Do note that she is now the second permanent unit to possess the capabilities of grants a team strength amp level of 3. Her second passive ability Skill Prep fills her skill gauges by 100% at the start of quest, allowing her to immediately unleash her first skill and fill 10% of the dragondrive gauge. The last thing to note of her kit is her chain co-ability Dragon Haste, which increases the user’s dragon gauge fill rate by 20%.

The first question you may be pondering is if she has the capabilities to maintain her dragondrive form without significant problems, such as the unit Bellina. Well thanks to her chain co-ability, as well as the plethora of dragon haste normal and chain co-abilities within the shadow element, and the amount of dragon gauge she attains from her normal and empowered standard attacks while in dragondrive, she has no troubles doing so. This allows her to perform a similar playstyle to Bellina, in which she utilises her first skill whenever her gauge is above 50% or more, utilise her standard attacks to build her dragondrive gauge back up, and repeat. While some may wonder why it is not better to pace her first skill use out to take advantage of her standard attack buff, it lacks the damage impact, co-ability access and standard attack boosting wyrmprints to make it a more valid option over the typical dragondrive playstyle.

However, while she may possess a similar playstyle to what Bellina exhibits, there are a few components that she is lacking to compete with her prowess. For one, the duration of her first skill is significantly longer compared to Bellina, which hampers her damage uptime. While her Skill Prep passive also allows her to immediately start building towards her amp support, as well as fill the dragondrive gauge, in does not provide additional value to her damage long term compared to Bellina’s second passive ability, which improves her strength and attack rate by a further 20% and 10% respectively while below 30% HP. Bellina’s dragondrive gauge also provides significantly better bonuses compared to Summer Mym, including better standard attacks, which also get further improvements as her HP is decreased, a 35% skill damage and 75% defence passive boost. All these benefits on top of a kit that enables her to get into the low HP ranges needed to activate her enmity passives allows her to smash Summer Mym out of the park for overall damage.

One advantage that Summer Mym possesses though over Bellina is that her kit is not reliant on being at a low HP value, making her a better option to use in Curse of Nihility content, where enmity units struggle due to the life shields of the unit Grace being disabled, as well as the healing requirement to overcome the Corrosion debuff. Against over top damage performers though, such as Alberius, Veronica and Gala Chelle, Summer Mym still struggles to find relevance due to her lacklustre dragondrive standard attack mods, and as previously mentioned the lengthy animation of her Twilit Memory skill. At the very least, Summer Mym has the capabilities of taking advantage of the break state of an enemy due to her ability to output her first skill consecutively.

Summer Mym may find a niche though within the shadow element as a jack-of-all-trades adventurer, able to provide respectable personal damage and support utility thanks to her excellent defence down uptime. Her ability to generate SP rather quickly while in dragondrive mode enables to output her second skill, as well as any additional skill shares, in a quicker timeframe compared to the rest of the cast. This enables players to build her more towards a support- or damage-oriented kit depending on what skill shares or wyrmprints they equip to Summer Mym. Ultimately though, whether you build towards a support or damage build, there are just other adventurers in the game that can do her job better.  

Going over the shadow endgame fights currently, she will be hard pressed to find a place within Legend Kai Yan comps due to no dispel utility, and a lack of personal damage to take advantage of buffs provided by staple support units Patia and Grace. In the latest Asura’s blinding light fight, Summer Mym may find more success due to her standard attacks and first skill accessibility allowing her to easily deal with the spheres which provide a strength bonus in this fight. This makes her a decent AI option for solo teams who are struggling for area of effect clearing capabilities when defeating these spheres as soon as possible. On top of the support utility she brings with her first and second skill, I can only recommend summoning for her if you need a jack of all trades unit to improve your shadow solo team, or you do not possess any of the meta defining units within the shadow element.

Recommended Builds

For co-abilities, the standard backline setup of wand, dagger and blade to boost the skill damage, critical rate and strength of Summer Mym. The adventurer Ieyasu is the preferred backline option for the blade slot, as he provides the dragon haste chain co-ability to help her dragondrive gauge upkeep. If you are struggling though to maintain dragondrive gauge well for her first skill use, consider running the adventurer Audric in your backline, as he comes with the dragon haste co-ability and chain co-ability in one package. If you are planning towards a more support-oriented focus build, consider running the skill haste co-ability found on bow adventurers, or the 7% attack rate boost co-ability found on Joker provides instead.

For wyrmprint builds, there are three which can be recommended. The first is a standard damage build which assumes good affliction uptime on shadowblight and poison. This setup includes:

  • A Man Unchanging (30% Poison Punisher)
  • Memory of a Friend (20% Flurry Strength)
  • Welcome to the Opera! (25% Shadowblight Punisher)
  • A Small Corage (20% Skill Damage)
  • Enter the Blue Rose! (12% Critical Hit Rate for Manacasters)
  • Crown of Light (or any Rise of the Sinister Dominion 20% Skill Damage print)
  • Savage Hawk (Lance’s Boon) (Sword Psalm III)

In the case that either of these afflictions are ineffective (such as the Asura’s Blinding Light fight), you may wish to instead run a critical damage print such as Moonlight Party, or a skill haste print such as Jewels of the Sun.

The second build is primarily aimed at enabling her damage for use in a Legend Kai Yan comp. In this case the two affliction prints are switch out with the strength doublebuff print Brothers in Arms, or the critical damage doublebuff print Super Soaking Androids.

The third setup is an entirely skill haste support focused setup which takes advantage of the dragon Azazel, who provides a 35% passive increase to skill gauge fill rate. This setup is primarily aimed at output strength amps via her second skill to achieve a consistent stream of team strength amp level 3, as well as added utility from a supportive skill share. Some skill haste or bow affinity options to consider include:

  • Jewels of the Sun (8% Skill Haste)
  • Liber Grimortis (20% skill damage and bow affinity)
  • Promised Piety (either Staff’s Boon which provides bow’s psalm 3 or Bow’s Boon which provides recovery potency)
  • Either of the skill haste Rise of the Sinister Dominion prints


On Summoning Rates and Wyrmsigils

  • This banner has the traditional 5-star summon rate of 4%
  • Summer Mym has a boosted focus rate of 0.5%
  • Besides her, the other sparkable unit of the banner is High Chthonius
  • A free daily tenfold summon event runs for the duration of the banner, meaning you get 10 days (equivalent 100 summons) of a free tenfold summon.

Final Verdict: Skip

While Summer Mym is a great all-round unit, her ability to not be respectively good at any of the potential roles she can fill will prohibit her from being meta dominant in the shadow element. While you won’t be too disappointed if you free summon for her, there are much better options already available in the permanent pool that are better to wait for as of now.

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