Should you Summon? Thunder and Splendor

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Article by Cecil

Should you Summon?

Overall Verdict: Albert and Gilgamesh are great, and so are Odetta and Lindworm. But with so many Light banners since the game’s release, it is hard to justify summoning if one already has any of the other good Light Adventurers or Dragons. This is by no means a must-summon banner, but is good for those who lack a strong Adventurer with Poison Resistance.


This banner comes with a very solid batch of Adventurers: Each has noteworthy strengths, even Jakob. Albert’s powered up Force Strikes make him akin to Xander while Odetta brings a mix of damage and support with her unique set of skills. Jakob is strong thanks to his ability to inflict Bog, although he’s Water-attuned unlike the other two Adventurers.

Albert, Thunderswift Lord

  • Albert has the unique Electrified mechanic, which powers up his Lightning Burst skill and allows him to Paralyze with Force Strikes.

  • He has Poison Res +100%, making him perfect for fighting Imperial Onslaught or battling the current Raid Boss.

  • He boasts one of the highest raw Strength values at 502.

  • Albert boasts incredibly powerful Force Strikes thanks to his Force Strike +40/50% passive.

  • Once Electrified, he gains a +25% Strength boost from his Electrically Charged II ability.

Odetta, Wanderlust Incarnate

  • Odetta combines raw damage with team support, debuffing, and healing, making her a well-rounded Adventurer.

  • Liberty Slash can reduce an enemy’s defense, making it a valuable ability.

  • Healing and a Strength buff make for comprehensive support. 

  • HP = 70% Strength +8/10% and Buff Time +20% are two excellent passives for her role.

Jakob, Quiet Mercenary

  • Although his abilities and stats reflect a defensive inclination, he can boost a team’s damage significantly.This is because Chain Sting has a chance to apply the Bog affliction to enemies, arguably the best affliction in the hands of players.

  • Mercenary Guard has a long charge time, but provides a solid boost and can activate the doublebuff abilities of Adventurers such as Karina.

  • Skill Prep +50% gives him a headstart on his abilities, although at only +50% it is lower than most other Adventurers with Skill Prep.

  • He is one of the better three stars, although with the existence of Leviathan and Peng Lai, one can instead use a better Adventurer and while maintaining access to Bog.


Both dragons are solid choices as both boost Strength, making them among the best choices for Light-attuned Damage-dealers. Gilgamesh is a nice compromise for offensive Adventurers who don’t need the max HP boost from a mixed Dragon, while Lindworm remains a solid budget choice for Damage-dealers.

Gilgamesh, Supreme Ruler

  • He is a Light-attuned Dragon who grants +35/50% to Strength, and +15% to Shadow Resistance.

  • He is slightly weaker than Cupid offensively, but offers defensive utility with his bonus Shadow Resistance.

  • He is speculated to be a solid choice for the yet-to-be-released High Zodiark.

Lindworm, Seeker of Beauty

  • Lindworm is a Light-attuned Dragon who grants +30/45% to Strength when equipped.

  • Her bonus makes her inferior to Cupid and Gilgamesh, but being available at four stars makes her much easier to obtain and unbind.

  • She is marred by a slow and often inaccurate Skill, which reduces the effectiveness of her Shapeshifted form.


This set of Wyrmprints follows the standard formula with one clearly meant for the five star Adventurer, and one other with very niche effects. This isn’t a particularly thrilling batch of Wyrmprints outside of The Shining Overlord, which is only useful on Sword-wielding Adventurers.

The Shining Overlord

  • This 5★ Wyrmprint grants Skill Damage +30/35% to Sword-wielding Adventurers, and Dragon’s Claws I/II.

  • It’s a good choice for Raid battles, as many Dragon transformations occur in those fights.

  • It is very powerful when used with Sword-users, making it an top choice for those Adventurers.

A Solitary Light

  • This 4★ Wyrmprint grants Affliction Guard I/II and Shadow Res +5/8%.

  • It’s good for Adventurers who lack the proper affliction resist (such as three star Adventurers).

  • Unfortunately, it is easier to simply use an Adventurer with the proper Resist, and instead take a Wyrmprint that boosts damage or healing output.

New World Escort

  • This four-star Wyrmprint grants Skill Prep +15/20%, and Recovery Potency +3/5%.

  • This print is well suited to Healers, who can struggle to get healing Skills available in time for use, and appreciate the Recovery Potency boost.

  • However, healers who already have Skill Prep can instead take a Wyrmprint with a stronger Recovery Potency boost.

What a Handful!

  • This four-star Wyrmprint grants Recovery Potency +5/8% and Poison Res +15/20%.

  • It’s good for Adventurers who lack the proper affliction resist, although it only provides a small increase.

  • There are better Wyrmprints to use in nearly all cases, giving this print very little useful niche.

Davian Wetlands

  • This three-star Wyrmprint grants Bog Res +15/20%.

  • It’s a bad Wyrmprint which is worse in every way to Dragon Dance, a Wyrmprint given out for free.

  • Even if you missed that, there are plenty of Adventurers with Bog Res +100% (Ranzal is one).

  • If Wyrmite you seek, heed well what I speak, and summon for this print nevermore.

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