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Disclaimer: The opinions below are written by GamePress and do not actually reflect Nintendo, Cygames, or the fairy Notte's opinions (probably. If they do, it was a coincidence).

Summer is here! And here at the Halidom, that means just one thing: Summer Hotties! Ba-dum-tish! Eheh. Anyway, everyone’s getting all gussied up for a wedding. Who’s getting married? I dunno, but weddings mean cake-- and I’m hungry!

The Girls are Back in Town

Oh, and just so you know, cake might be a sometimes food, but this is not a sometimes banner! All these Adventurers are going to be sticking around in the permanent pool, so even if you miss out on a bride now, there’s still hope! See, mom? Just because a girl’s 400 years old doesn’t mean she’s going to be single forever! But enough about me, let's talk about our four Belles.


This SYS is primarily written from the perspective of pulling for units to clear challenging content like High Dragons, Void Dragons, or Mercurial Gauntlet.  It doesn't take into account which unit is the cutest or best girl. That is up to your own discretion, and not something that can be taken into account in these guides. 


Eli's Bridal Showcase

Bridal Elisanne may have captured our hearts, but can she capture a place in the meta? The answer depends heavily on just how well you can stick her S2, Wedding Bell. Her S1 is Sacred Union, which is  damage with an AoE heal, is meh most currently available content, with High Mercury being a DPS race and more healing not necessary. However, her S2, Wedding Bell, reduces enemy defense by 15% for 10 seconds. That’s essentially a 15% damage buff while enemies remain inside the circle, which is a huge boon, especially if timed well. Of course, you have to make sure that enemies remain in the circle, but if you can pull that off B!Elisanne could be a solid addition to many lineups, especially against Water Mercurial Gauntlet, as the boss is entirely stationary.

The rest of her kit is pretty meh, since B!Elissane has no reliable way to trigger Strength Doublebuff on her own. The Skill Haste is good though, and could lead to better use of her S2.

So is it worth it to summon for Bridal Elisanne? While her Skill animations are super fun, she’s likely not to fulfill any support nice that Melody, an easily available 3 unit, cannot perform as well or better with her S1 Strength buff. B!Elisanne's even outshone as a support by her base form, which is freely available. Ergo, unless B!Elisanne as your one true love, you’re better off sticking with other options and passing on Elisanne to clear new content.

Best Girl

Bridal Aoi is no Adventurer to Sleep on, with her excellent Sleep = Team Strength ability. Sadly however, while Aoi will likely be alright in High Mercury, she sadly won’t be at peak performance anywhere that her foes are immune to Sleep, as her entire kit depends on Sleep. Her S1 Ninja Bride Sweep deals damage and inflicts Sleep. If it’s successful in inflicting Sleep, the entire team gets a 15% Strength buff for 10 seconds. It also powers up B!Aoi’s S2 Ninja Bride Sunshower, which deals more damage to sleeping enemies and restores HP to the team.

With Void Poseidon just out, B!Aoi is the perfect Adventurer to dunk on Poseidon with. However, she’s also pretty much complete overkill, especially if you already have Lin You. Again, Melody is going to outshine her as a pure support unit. She does look particularly strong in Mercurial Gauntlet as well, but it is hard to recommend you pull for B!Aoi to clear when a 3★ Adventurer fills that support role so well.

Holding out for a Healer

Xania faces extremely stiff competition from Lowen, who is generally considered to be one of the best healers in the game and is also featured on this banner. So how does she stack up? Quite nicely, actually. Both B!Xania and Lowen will have their place, with their S1s nearly identical group heals save for Xania cleansing Freeze to Lowen’s Bog relief. The real difference is in the S2. While Lowen gives a Defense Buff and permanent HP increase that stacks, B!Xania offers a defense buff and a heal over time. Xania’s Defense buff is only 10% to Lowen’s 20%, but the two are largely comparable in their ability to keep your team alive throughout tough fights. The rest of their kits are very similar as well, with both having 50% skill haste and recovery potency, though Lowen has a flat 8% while Xania has a 13% at full HP.

So, should you pull for Bridal Xania? There’s not any content that really screams for a Freeze cleanse healer, but at the same time, she’s got a really solid kit. If you don’t have a Lowen you’ve invested in, B!Xania is going to perform well in just about everything. She’s somewhat subpar for High Mercury as she can’t cleanse Bog, but with a skilled team or a team that opts to use all Bog Resistant Adventurers save for Xania, she can perform quite nicely there. I would pull Xania if I didn’t already have a great Lowen, or wanted to try another strong, but subtly different healer. If you pick up a new Lowen along side Xania, try them both out, as they’re very strong Adventurers.


Look mom, just because the Dragons are brides too doesn’t mean there’s going to be a Fairy Bride banner! I don’t want to hear about the cute spriggan you met the other day. I don’t care how nice he is! Ugh, look, just leave me alone with my cake! Freyja made me some, and it’s delicious. No, I’m not jealous she’s getting married. Not even a little.

Skilled and Sexy!

For a long time, Phoenix has held the crown as the strongest healing dragon with her powerful healing buff and excellent HP boost, with no competition. That crown is now under heavy contention however with the arrival of Freyja. Freyja offers only a 30% HP boost when MUB, which at first seems puny until you see the 35% Skill Haste that she offers. That is, in a word, nuts. A healer with Freyja equipped might not heal as hard as one equipped with a pure HP dragon, but they will fire off heals at such an increased rate that their throughput will be far greater. This is largely because instead of stacking additively with HP and Recovery Potency, Skill Haste is multiplicative. This means that you can multiply how much healing throughput an Adventurer with have by 1.35, instead of only adding as with pure HP. Plus, with Freyja’s active Skill Breath of Life, your entire team will not only get a massive Heal over time buff, but also become instantly Energized, making their next skill hit harder or heal more. Compared to Phoenix, she raises the ceiling for healer Dragons to massive heights.

If there's any problem with Freyja, it's that her healing power is complete overkill. No current Water content requires a massive amount of healing, and in fact most Water healers equip a Strength Dragon for High Mercury or Void Poseidon to facilitate faster runs by increasing their DPS. Still, it’s hard to ignore how powerful Freyja is as a healing and support dragon, and a healer's DPS is fairly puny even with a Strength Dragon like Zephyr or Roc. Freyja, on the other hand, can increase the entire teams DPS by energizing them and offers more potent and quicker heals. Pull for Freyja if you want an incredibly strong healing and support dragon, and are willing to sacrifice personal damage for team support.

Stribog is bad. He offers a pure HP boost in an element that eschews HP boost Dragons in favor of Strength Dragons. His skill is terrible too. Don’t pull for him here, or anywhere else.

The Verdict


This banner offers some of the most interesting Wind support Adventurers yet, but they're not trailblazing in new content. Pull here either because you somehow don’t have a Melody and need a support for Water quests, or because you like the wedding gowns. Here, let your heart be your guide. If you love an Adventurer or Dragon, go ahead and pull, but know none of these units are on meta picks. Or be like Notte and squirrel your Wyrmite away because you’re more interested in eating something else.

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