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HAPPY NEW... Summer? Wait, didn't we just do this four months ago?'s August? Ok, someone get me a calendar, because I think we need to double check just how often New Years happens in Alberia. Anyway, here's Windswept Warriors!

Windswept Warriors

Blade and Loli

Well, anyway the Wind blows, it doesn't really matter to me, 'cause Victor is a badass! Just look at that scar and those shades! So cool! Even if it is New Years every few months...

For a long time, Bleed has been a status that has been exclusive to limited units, most relevantly Addis, who has reigned supreme as the Wind DPS of choice for long fights, and doing very well in any sort of Wind Content. Victor, however, comes to upset that balance.

Like Addis, he offers eye watering damage, but also provides a bevy of support options. His S1 not only inflicts a bleed, but upon activating skill shift can offer a straight 3% Water resistance, and then a 20% shield. His S2 not only deals damage, but also grants your entire team knockback immunity. On its own, teamwide knockback immunity would be pretty good, but the skill also hits fairly hard. 

If all that isn't enough, Victor also has an excellent STR conditional, 30% buff time, and the ever relevant Bog Immunity. 

As for draw backs...he doesn't do quite as much damage as Gala Cleo? Kidding aside, while Victor is very, very good, if you already have a fully built Addis, you should consider passing. Make no mistake, Victor is a clear upgrade to Addis, but he's not such a huge upgrade that he becomes a must have. 

So, should you summon for Victor? If you don't have Addis, this is an unconditional yes. If you do have an Addis, first consider if you are willing to invest a potentially large amount of Wyrmite on a relatively smaller upgrade. 

Sweet Sassy Mollasy! Have you guys realized just how many parties we're having during a war?!?! I just looked at our records, and we've had a Circus, four New Years parties, a Christmas Party, and...I just can't. I need some support here! Thankfully, Noelle is here to give me her Best Regards!

This banner seems to have a theme of overthrowing long-time best in role units, and Noelle looks to be doing so not once, but twice. First, she's a clear upgrade to Melody, offering superior buff time and superior strength, but she's also going to overthrow Elisanne as the best choice for Team Helper, at least for Wind teams.

Simply put, Noelle is the new best support in the game for Wind Teams. Her S1 charges quickly and offers 25% strength to Wind adventurers for 15 seconds. But, she also has Buff Time 25%. This is simply phenominal. There is no Wind team that can't benefit from having Noelle on it. I can't even think of any drawbacks. Even if you already have a fully built Melody and Elissane, she's so much better at her job you should still get her.

Should you summon for Noelle? Yes. Yes you should. She's too good to pass up, and I am thrilled such a powerful unit has been put into the pool as a 4★ to make it even more widely available.

Like seriously, Euden. Did we just forget about the ancient evil that's living in your sister? Is she like allergic to fun or something? We need fewer party girls, and more kung fu legends like Lin You!

While Lin You is no longer quite the queen of wind DPS, she is still very strong. Her kit is still optimized for high crit damage, and she is still a fantastic choice for any Wind roster. She's not quite as good as her banner mates Victor and Noelle, but she's a solid pick. 

Should you summon for Lin You? Probably, at least if you need another strong Wind adventurer. At the very least, she's a good consolation prize if you are going for another featured unit.


Pia is, sadly, a very lacking unit. Her energy kit is lackluster and her damage is poor. You shouldn't summon for her, even if it does make Mr. Mouse sad. 

Alright, so, according to my calculations, we've spent enough on parties we could have hired a literal army with all the money we've spent. I mean, look at this! Do you have any idea how much it costs to decorate an entire castle for Christmas? Ugh, we're going to need to make up this shortfall somewhere, like with incredible dragons like my new best buddy Vayu. Who, it seems, doesn't celebrate any of these silly holidays. Be more like Vayu, people.

Vayu is a Skill Damage dragon. Skill Damage Dragons are the New Hotness, and are basically best-in-slot for everyone outside of certain niche situations. That's really all you need to know. His skill is interesting and looks like it could lead to powerful combos, but really he's good enough that you don't need to worry about it too much.

Should you summon for Vayu? Unless you have a couple of MUB dragons like Zephyr and Long-Long, absolutely. Even then, he's typically a better choice than those when fully built, just that he's not as massive an upgrade as if you're rocking Roc. Speaking of....


Roc is a perfectly fine 4★ dragon that just about any Adventure would be happy to use if you don't have a MUB 5★ laying around, and even then he's a good way to round out a roster. If you don't have copy, grabbing one and then MUBing Roc through the Void Shop is a smart plan. 

Final Verdic

I mean, I guess these parties help us find all these great Adventuers and stuff, but still. I think we have better things to do with our time than hunting down fireworks. That or I need to get a career change from magical adventuring companion to event coordinator. What do you mean, I have an anniversary to plan?

On the Summon Rates: 

  • This banner has the standard 4% 5★ rates.
  • Lin You and Victor both have a .5% summon rate.
  • Noelle and Pia are at 2.333%
  • Vayu is at .8%, while Roc is also at 2.333%

THIS IS NOT A LIMITED BANNER. All units have gone into the permanent pool. 

Final Verdict: Yes. You should summon. But a word of caution.

This is an incredible banner, one of the best we've seen. However, it's not got extraordinary rate ups, or limited units, it's just a regular banner with well above average offerings. I'd be careful going too hard on this. I hate to beat the same drum, but the Anniversary is coming. We don't know what it will be like, but it's sure to be one of the best banners we've ever seen, so consider saving something for that. Otherwise, have at it.

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