[Summary] Dragalia Digest and 1.12.0 Anniversary Update

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Anniversary on September 27th

Watch the Digest below! After the stream ends, it will still be available on the Nintendo Mobile channel.

A new Dragalia Digest celebrating the game's first anniversary will be available around 10:00 PM, Sep 25, 2019.

This Dragalia Digest will show off the update content for version 1.12.0, which will release the same day, and explain what will be happening for the game's first anniversary. Be sure to check it out!

Note: The broadcast will last approximately 15 minutes.

Replay It Here


Anniversary Events

  • Free Daily Tenfold Summon x10 (total 100 pulls!)

  • Twitter Campaign

  • Login Bonuses inclduing 5000 Wyrmite and new Dragon, Mini Mids

  • New Gala Adventurer: Gala Prince (Euden)

  • Platinum Gala Gacha: Get a guaranteed Gala Adventurer! Summon will have a cost in Diamantium 

  • Anniversary Packs in the Shop

  • Improved Item Summons

Lineup Changes

Removed items:

・Silver crystals

・Ripe dragonfruit

・Silver whetstone

・Blessed water


Added items:

・Sword tablets

・Blade tablets

・Dagger tablets

・Axe tablets

・Lance tablets

・Bow tablets

・Wand tablets

・Staff tablets

・Hustle hammers

  • Multiplayer social reward is being reset (2500 Wyrmite)

  • Each character is getting new voice lines celebrating the Anniversary!

  • Event Quests will have half-stamina campaigns

  • Raid Event changes-- Omega Raids, CoAbility-like Raid Boosts
  • Cinderella Step returns to the Home Screen!!!
    • ​​​​​You can now change the Home Screen music at will: Bokura No Network, a n n i v e r s a r y, Haikei-goodbye-sayonara, Cinderella Step
  • Hustle Hammer added to the Halidom, can be used to instantly finish Facility construction. There will also be Honey Tea for restoring stamina at the castle.
  • New players get reduced construction time in the Halidom

  • Twitter Retweet Campaign: share a Twitter Post for a chance to win 5* Dragons and 100 Sun Stones! (How do you even use that many Sun Stones...?)

EN Retweet Campaign JP Retweet Campaign

Version 1.12

  • New EXPERT and MASTER difficulties are being added to Advanced Dragon Trials

  • New High Dragon themed (powercreep) 5* Weapons

  • Leaderboard and rankings for time clears of High Dragon Trials-- speedrunners rejoice!

  • Adventurers get a Sixth Mana Circle (knew it)

  • Main Story Chapter 11 is coming in December

  • Bimonthly Story Chapter releases from here on out, with off months containing side-story content

  • New high-difficulty bosses! 


Alluded Changes

  • Apply the effects of facilities that are in your storehouse

  • Change the appearance of weapons

  • Automatically replay a selected quest

  • Specify which Adventurers appear on the homepage

  • Play past events at any time

  • An encyclopedia

  • Other game improvements

News: Version Update

Megaman: Chaos Protocol Collab


More details to come on October 1st.

Title Screen Image


Outdated-- Click To Expand

Given how close the livestream is to the actual anniversary date, Cygames likely has some big surprises in store for us! A few ideas as to what's to come:

Gala Dragalia

It's the time of the month for a new powerful Adventurer and double 5★ rates! We have yet to get a Light or Water character, so those are most likely. Since past Gala Adventurers have been main story characters, the anniversary Gala character is probably someone important.

  • Euden
  • Elisanne
  • Luca
  • Zethia 
  • Notte? (this would be amazing)
  • Alex

In any case, we know they're going to have splendid artwork and double resistances, so prepare your Wyrmite! Speaking of Wyrmite...

Free Pulls

Cygames has been quite generous with login bonuses just leading up to the anniversary, so we expect big things from the event itself. Other games such as Granblue Fantasy and Epic Seven have given out entire free 10-pulls each day for seven days. Unbinding materials are also a possible reward, given how crucial they are to progression. And of course, Wyrmite itself is always welcome! In this case, you can save it all for your banner of choice.


Other Cygames properties have systems in place to guarantee the featured character after a certain amount of pulls. Perhaps this is the time for introducing it to Dragalia Lost? Although the Gacha system is already quite forgiving, this would give players goals for saving up. 

Streamlined Weapon Crafting

Now this is reading more like a wishlist... But with an entire version update coming, we may see some highly anticipated QoL changes. While it's possible to craft multiple Tier 1 weapons and automatically unbind them, they still have to be individually enhanced, upgraded, and fed into one another for a MUB Tier 2. And repeat for MUB Tier 3! With the resource grind being so heavy already, many players want the crafting to be more straightforward. Displaying the finished weapon with totaled list of materials would help a lot with accumulating the resources. 

Collab With Another IP

Although this is Dragalia's time in the spotlight, we still may get hints about a crossover event sometime later.

Next Wave of Endgame Content

With the last Advanced Dragon Trial out, many players will be eager for the next challenge. 

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