Trick or Treasure Event Guide

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Trick or Treasure Event Coming to Dragalia Lost

Event Overview

Trick or Treasure is Dragalia Losts’ Halloween event, featuring a new story, some regular quests, a Boss Battle, and a Challenge Battle that pits players against waves of enemies! Rewards include a new 5* Wyrmprint, a brand new building for the Halidom, and enough Mana, Rupies and other goodies to fill even the biggest treat bag. The event lasts through to October 26th, ending just before the beginning of the next day.

There are several story maps to be played culminating in a Boss Battle and Challenge Battle. While the regular quests are easy to clear, the Boss and Challenge Battle require some finesse and strategy to overcome.

Trick or Treasure has a total of FOUR event currencies, with each being redeemable for different types of rewards.

Event Database

Event Database

Event Exclusives

Adventurers & Dragon
Event Building: Sweet Retreat
Building: Sweet Retreat

A new building for the Halidom similar in function to the existing Light Altar.

Sweet Retreat providing bonus Strength and HP to Light Adventurers, and during the Trick or Treasure Event, bonus damage against Event Enemies!

Upgrade Sweet Retreat with the Snack-o'-lanterns collected from clearing the Halloween Event Quests.

New Boss Battles

Clear Regular Story Ch. 2/ 2-1 and the Event Story campaign to unlock the Pumpking Boss Batles. 

To best prepare for the boss battle, have your strongest team of light-based adventurers ready. The Boss Battle can be beaten Solo or Co-op. Since Stamina is required for the Challenge Battle, this is the best use of Getherwings for the event.

  • There is a chance that Extra Boss Battle will open up when clear Boss Battles on Expert. 

  • Note: Unlike Loyalty's Requiem, you do not have to be the host to trigger the Extra Boss Battle.

  • The Extra Boss Battle will become unavailable once cleared. 

Pumpking statistics:

Dark; Demihuman; Invulnerable against all infliction except for Paralysis and Blind.

Boss Battle Pumpking Health
Beginner 7,560
Standard 17,325
Expert 33,989
Extra 79,855
Challenge 117,421