Void Battle Progression

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Article by Kiera Hoogendam

Progression Flowchart

Click to see full size. Image by u/peterjay12; originally posted to reddit.

Limited Endeavors

Path 1: Straight to High Midgardsormr

Following the above flowchart straight through the middle will provide a Sword, Blade, Axe, and Staff with High Midgardsormr's Bane, an Ability that does extra damage against the endgame boss. The steps are as follows:

  1. Wandering Shroom Strike (may be skipped if using Freeze against Golem)
  2. Steel Golem Strike
  3. Void Zephyr Strike
  4. Craft weapons with High Midgardsormr’s Bane

For a full walkthrough of this piece, see the Void Crafting Guide.

Path 2: Completion

This is a supplemental route that collects all of the weapons. After doing this path and the High Midgardsormr one, there should be enough materials to craft every Void weapon, including the Wind, Water and Light sets. It also accounts for beginners by providing a slower ramp-up in difficulty; those who have progressed a bit will be able to skip parts of this.

The progression is as follows:

  1. Begin with the Blazing Ghost for Shadow Dull Res weapons.
  2. Use Shadow Dull Res weapons for the Wandering Shroom Strike.
  3. Craft Copy’s Bane weapons for the Frost Hermit Strike.
  4. Frost Hermit drops materials for Light Dull Res, which will be useful against the Obsidian Golem.
  5. Finally, use Light Fury Penetrator weapons against the Raging Manticore.

Repeating battles along this path will yield abundant materials for crafting unique sets of 5★ weapons:

  • The Flame Set is sought after for High Midgardsormr’s Bane.
  • A Light Set has 50% Skill Prep, Stunned Punisher, and Recovery Potency on staffs.
  • The Water set is slightly niche, but Slayer’s Strength and HP 70%=Strength +5% yield valuable returns.
  • There is also a new Wind Set with Skill Prep, Broken Punisher and Recovery Potency.

For intermediate weapon sets, the Enemies Page can help with matching Bane Abilities to their respective bosses. 

Boss Battles: Easy

For those who meet or exceed the suggested Might thresholds, the preparation and strategy aren’t as needed for victory. Since The Blazing Ghost’s weapon is made for horizontal progression to the Wandering Shroom, Blazing Ghost can be skipped by those who can take down the Shroom outright. 

Wandering Shroom

Frost Hermit

Like the Wandering Shroom, the Frost Hermit propagates itself to surround the team. These copies can be fought off with Copy's Bane weapons, but also brute-forced with AoEs. Note that in spite of the frosty aesthetic, this boss inflicts both Bog and Freeze. While debilitating, this makes it okay to bring any Adventurer; Maribelle is especially good for blasting the copies, but Lin You, Musashi, Addis, Ranzal, and Louise also have good range. 

Blazing Ghost

Lily is not welcome here! Dull Ranged suppresses all attacks from Wand, Bow and Staff users, so aside from a good healer, it's best to bring melee firepower. Or rather, water power. The pattern of attacks is also pretty prohibitive-- often targeting the very spots melee fighters occupy-- so Lances are especially useful for their reach. Xainfried and Elisanne can also counteract his Strength Down debuff with their Skills, so they're really great to have here. Otherwise, typical mechanics follow, and once Broken, the Blazing Ghost can easily be snuffed out. 

Boss Battles: Medium

These are both pretty straightforward races against the clock, with the Dull Strength gimmick upsetting attempts to brute-force the battles. 

Steel Golem

While Dull Res is certainly the best option, the Steel Golem can be beaten without the Ability by playing in Co-Op and applying Freeze very frequently. Lily is easily the MVP for this battle, but other characters with access to Freeze can contribute. Orsem, Celliera, Dragonyule Cleo, Dragonyule Nefaria, and Dragonyule Xander can all Freeze, especially when assisted by Poli'ahu or Dragonyule Jeanne.  

Obsidian Golem

Similarly to the Steel Golem, the main hazard here is Dull Strength. The mechanics are also element-swapped in that Stun and Paralysis are very effective against the Obsidian Golem. Ranged characters will do well, but given the game's current roster, bringing a Light attacker with a melee Dull Res weapon is easiest. Top choices for the match include Rawn, Annelie, Fritz, and Albert.

Boss Battles: Hard
Raging Manticore Strike

For Zephyr, the Dull debuff continues and must be resisted by a team of Flame Adventurers. Meanwhile, the Raging Manticore has its own Fury mechanic which is essentially a very chaotic Overdrive state.

Raging Manticore

The aptly-named Raging Manticore introduces the Fury mechanic, a permanent Overdrive state that can only be Broken by special Fury Penetrator weapons. Its state is both indefinite and dangerous-- telegraphs no longer show up for attacks, and they occur at a faster rate than normal. Movement and positioning is key here, with Skills and dodge-rolls being the main tools for victory.

Most ranged characters will want to stay home for this battle since, while it doesn’t outright resist Ranged like the Blazing Ghost, the Manticore will land his attacks in the area generally occupied by Bow, Wand, and Staff users. Stay close and hit hard. The best characters for this battle are those with Stun (Annelie, Rawn, Fritz) and fast-charging Skills that enable iframe dodging (Halloween Elisanne). Odetta, Hildegarde, and Albert are also good general options, while those forgoing Fury Penetrator will find Ryozen a formidable pick thanks to Overdrive Punisher. 

Void Zephyr

Boss Battles: Advanced Dragon Trials

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