Void Battles Farming Guide

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Void Battles are a new type of quest that pits players against powerful bosses. The rewards for completing Void Battles include Damascus Crystals, Moonlight Stones, Testaments, and more. Battles can be fought at any time, but the available bosses changes from day to day, rotating on a weekly cycle.

To access Void Battles, players must complete Chapter 7 / 5-6 of the main story on Normal difficulty.

General Tips

  • Monthly reward priority should go: Champion’s Testament > Damascus Crystal > Moonlight Stone > Other.

  • Creating a Dull Res weapon as soon as possible will make some battles much easier.

Boss Availability

Although Void Battles can be fought every day, the availability of each boss depends on the day of the week. Bosses rotate on a weekly schedule, viewable below.

Boss Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Wandering Mushroom x x x x x x x
Steel Golem x x x x
Void Manticore x x x
Void Zephyr x x x

Material Drops

Each Void Boss has its own set of materials obtained from defeating it. These materials can be used to craft Void Weapons, or upgrade the Magma Slime statue. All materials can be exchanged for those of a higher/lower tier in the Treasure Trade. Void Leaves and Void Seeds can be obtained from every Void Battle.

The table below outlines the unique materials dropped by each boss.

Void Battle Common Mat Rare Mat
Wandering Mushroom
Steel Golem
Void Zephyr
Void Manticore

Treasure Trade

Rewards for clearing Void Battles can be obtained by visiting the Shop, tapping on Treasure Trade and then scrolling down to tap Void Battles. Most rewards are limited, but reset their stock each month. The Bronze Fafnir does not reset, but has plenty of copies available. At the bottom of the Treasure Trade, boss drops can be exchanged for higher or lower tier drops.

List and amount of monthly rewards are as follows. A total of 545 Void Leaves are required to obtain all monthly rewards.

Reward Monthly Cost Monthly Description
x250,000 x50 Used to upgrade an Adventurer's Mana Circles
x1mil x50 Used to upgrade the Halidom and craft weapons
x50 x50 Restores 10 Stamina
x50 x50 Restores 1 Getherwing
x5 x75 Unbinds a four star Weapon by one stage
x5 x100 Combine ten to form a Damascus Ingot, which unbinds a five star Weapon by one stage
x2 x50 Unbinds a four star Dragon by one stage
x4 x60 Used to upgrade a three or four star Adventurer's Mana Circles
x2 x60 Used to upgrade an Adventurer's Mana Circles
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