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Following the original purpose of Tier Lists, the ranking of Adventurers in Dragalia Lost is done by counting their favorable matchups. Dragalia Lost may not be a 1v1 fighting game, but for its PvE content, some characters have a higher success rate than others. This Tier List focuses strictly on Void Battles of a higher difficulty and then rates characters based on damage and general effectiveness in that matchup.  

Void Zephyr

The rankings for this fight are done based on two things:

  • Availability of Dull Res weapons. Currently Daggers, Swords, and Blades are the easiest to use, while Axes and Lances are vulnerable to the Dull affliction. Ranged weapon types fare okay with the ability to dodge melee attacks. 

  • Sleep Resistance. This isn’t a dealbreaker like with Dull Res weapons, but is extremely helpful for melee weapon types.

Void Agni

Void Agni ranks similarly, though with its own set of resistances and tailored weapons.

  • Searing Circle Res weapons. Once again, Axes and Lances are less favored, though it’s worth noting that Lances can scrape by with their longer range. Still, positioning needs to be ideal, and many Lance users have Skills that lunge forward, placing them in the Searing Circle.

  • Skill Resistance Penetrator weapons allow ranged Adventurers to maintain high damage.

  • Stun Res for maximizing damage uptime.


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Tier 1

Dragonyule Cleo
The flagship of Dragonyule Defenders, Cleo has forsaken her staff for dispensing powerful Water DPS. Wielding Daggers, Stun immunity, and a forgiving 70% HP STR boost, Dragonyule Cleo makes a name for herself as the queen of Flame IO. She is the second adventurer to utilize Skill Shift and also embraces the energy system alongside her bannermates, providing excellent synergy to both herself and her team. Cleo sets herself apart from other energy-inclined adventurers in that raises her own her energy level via combo hits, which benefits Daggers for any content.

Ezelith is a Flame Dagger user and the very first featured 5★ Adventurer in Dragalia Lost. Refurbished with new toys from extended Mana Circles, the Genius of the Century wields both speed and power, outputting consistent damage throughout the fight then closing out with Broken Punisher. Breaking away from the traditional Crit focus of her weapon class, Ezelith provides debuffs that boost the entire team’s DPS and enjoys long stretches of invincibility through Howling Meteor.


Laranoa is the featured 5* of Hunt for Harmony and a much needed addition to the ranged Water lineup. While Lily is a glass cannon known for AOE and Freeze, Laranoa’s strength lies in her reliable single-target DPS. A Skill Haste Co-Ability and an increase skill gauge fill rate allow Laranoa to fire off attacks in rapid succession.


Unfortunately, Laranoa seems to suffer from a case of mistaken identity. Stun immunity keeps her safe during Flame IO, but Bow users are ill-suited for such high density content. She yearns to be alone with a boss, but is disqualified from High Brunhilda due to a lack of Burn Res. Those struggling with higher end Flame content will likely find better performance elsewhere in the Water lineup.


Xander is a 5★ Water Sword adventurer and the premier pick for clearing Imperial Onslaught (Flame) and Void Agni. His kit synergizes well with his weapon class, namely by plowing through enemies with enhanced Force Strikes and ramping up Slayer’s Strength over time. With the SP-charging Force Strikes and powerful AoE attack Skills, Xander is truly an offensive powerhouse, shredding both groups of enemies and bosses’ Overdrive Bars with ease.

Tier 2


Aoi the Impassioned Ninja comes as a natural 3★ Flame Adventurer wielding a Blade. She’s notable for her great weapon type and powerful Skills, which also have low SP costs. As far as damage-dealers go, Aoi is straightforward yet effective, best suited to Imperial Onslaught and Void Zephyr due to her Sleep Res.

Gala Sarisse
Gala Sarisse demonstrates the potential of Gala Adventurers by sporting double status immunities alongside a different play style approach to Bows. Despite her label as a Support Adventurer, the Crimson Star topples Julietta for the highest HP stat in the game while also pumping out massive damage with Brilliant Bolt, thanks to a focus on maintaining combo count. Her immunity to both Stun and Sleep makes her viable in any Wind-attuned content. Gala Sarisse gladly serves as the premier ranged Flame DPS Adventurer while simultaneously supporting her party with Strength and Defense buffs, and she is often noted as a great pick for High Midgardsormr's Trial.

Karl is a 4★ Flame Sword adventurer from Dragalia’s original launch pool. Although the Hero of Justice was slightly overshadowed by the release of 5★ Naveed, he still thrives in Wind IO. In contrast to the numerous other Flame Swordsmen, his damage is more straightforward and his allies enjoy a teamwide STR buff. This attack-support hybrid approach works wonders for Emblem farming, especially when Sleep Res guarantees full attacking uptime.  


Luther is a 4★ Water dagger user who faces fierce competition from both Orsem and Dragonyule Cleo. The Passionate Dancer sets himself apart from his peers though with his reliability and IO-favored kit. His Strength and Critical Rate are independent of his health, granting him consistency as he ramps up using Striker’s Strength. Stun immunity also ensures that Luther’s combo count remains high, cementing him as a dependable source of Water DPS.

Melsa: Resolute Friend is a free 4★ Fire Dagger obtainable in the “Kindness and Captivity” event upon reaching 500 Friendship. Like many support Adventurers, she is a straightforward damage-dealer with two fast-charging attack skills and Crit Rate Up as her Co-Ability. Her kit bears a strong resemblance to Orsem’s, but as a Flame Dagger she faces fierce competition with Ezelith. Still, even alongside the same weapon type, Melsa is a worthwhile teammate on the Hypnos raid, especially with recent AI improvements to attack speed.
Sinoa is the 4★ Adventurer released in the Desert Jewel banner and a pioneer in ranged Flame damage. While her damage is decent at high health, what makes her outstanding is the Custom Concoction Skill, which provides a massive buff to a randomly rolled stat. Though its consistency leaves much to be desired, the pairing with Buff Time +20% allows for various buffs to overlap. It’s unpredictable, but every potential boon will be enjoyed by the party regardless.

Whereas most healers have a more defensive support flavor to them, Valentine’s Hildegarde (V!Hildegarde) is all about offensive support and increasing her teams damage output while providing healing. Her defining mechanic is her Energy boost, which upon reaching five stacks increases her allies next skills damage by 50%. She’s also got an excellent debuff with her Striking Strength Debilitator, meaning she needs to take a more active role by using Force Strikes to reduce the bosses damage output.

Thanks to her Stun Resist, V!Hildegarde is best suited for High Dragon trials or Wind Event Master Challenges that feature enemies that stun. She can perform well off element in Void Agni and Flame IO as well.


Verica is the 4★ Flame Staff user who made her debut as one of the more valuable finds among the launch pool. In spite of competition with higher-rarity healers, she persistently stays relevant thanks to her powerful heals, anti-Stun kit, and Recovery Potency passives. Hildegarde's shielding and burst heals fill a diiferent niche-- Verica instead serves as a steady regen healer alongside Vixel. She’s the go-to for High Midgardsormr, and with Stun being in Flame IO, she’s a strong pick both for that quest and Wind IO where she heals on-element.

Tier 3


As one of the first wave of Adventurers to get an Mana Spiral, Aurien has gone from being one of the worst Adventurers in the game to being one of the worst Adventurers in the game. Being a staff user his DPS is pitifully low even with the massive boost his buff gave, and his healing out put is still incredibly sub-par compared to the very excellent healers in Flame, especially Halloween Lowen who shares a resistance with Aurien. Even inflicting Burn and having some of the best damage for a healer really isn't enough to save Aurien.

Normally, Adventurers get more powerful when they get a spiral. That's technically the case for Celliera , but she also got weighed down with the burden of now needing to redline her HP to put out acceptable damage. Combine that with the fact that HBH hates on Melee hard, and Celliera is barely worth spiraling.

Nefaria is an enigmatic winter-themed Egyptian who supports allies by shooting at them. Though her concept was a fair attempt, Dragonyule Nefaria struggles to find an identity amidst a sea of strong Water Adventurers. Her assets are gimmicky at best; applying Special Delivery is more hassle than it’s worth, and procs of Flurry Freezer are few and far between. Her stats are nothing to write home about either, so her best quality ends up being her rare weapon/element combo and seasonal exclusivity.


Once more, the Prince arises from the ashes, placing himself as the premier option for players looking to progress in end game Wind content. No more does Euden suffer from lowered base states or lackluster passives thanks to his being amidst the first wave of Mana Spiral Adventurers. Euden's S1 now inflicts Burn reliably, enabling Elegant Escort Burn punisher compositions, as well as massively increasing his damage. His S2 is a good source of Defense down as well as being decently hard hitting. He can dispel buffs from the enemy boss by using his Dragon Form, and he can gain a stacking Dragon Claws of up to 40% by shapeshifting.


Hail to the king, baby. 


The Hero King himself makes an entrance in the Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes Showcase. His kit is nothing short of overloaded; Marth packs everything from Crit to self-sustain to party support. Blessed with Burn and a second charge of Last Boost via Mana Spirals, he's now poised to replace Euden in both High Midgardsormr's Trials and Volk runs. Featuring teamwide Skill Prep and attack rate boosts, Marth's toys are both unique and welcomed. 


Mikoto: Nature’s Avatar made his debut alongside eight other 5★ Adventurers in the launch pool, and quickly became one of the most coveted pulls. He’s one of few in the roster with a means of increasing his own attack speed, and incredibly high Strength (second only to Ieyasu) paired with Critical Abilities only further enhance his massive power. Of course this comes at the cost of his ability to fulfill other roles, but as the attacker within a well-balanced team, he’s hard to beat.


Orsem was released just in time for the Loyalty’s Requiem Raid Event against Flame boss Phraeganoth. Being the featured 4★ in the Gacha made him quite accessible, and as an attacking Dagger unit, he’s a valuable teammate. The release of High Brunhilda only further elevated his status as top Water DPS, with Burn Res and a Melee weapon type granting him relatively easy entry. He’s not the sturdiest of Adventurers, but with nimble control of the Dagger Combo, he can skate over most bosses’ attacks while landing Criticals left and right.

As a 3★ Water Staff, Ricardt fills a budget healer niche for the element. He’s got two fantastic skills for healing, and a respectable 75% stun resist when fully upgraded. Ricardt is best suited fort content that inflicts Stun where there is consistent damage, as that puts his Heal Over Time and larger heal to good use. Flame IO and Void Agni are the maps where Ricardt can shine.

This ex-Marine is by no means a first choice among the playerbase; because he has only one healing skill, many find it difficult for Thaniel to keep up with the demands of the average team. Yet for High Brunhilda, he’s the best option-- nobody else can clear Burn status, and Seafarer’s Pride blocks a bit of incoming damage. Burn Res and access to additional healing with the Marine Staff make Thaniel a staple for the fight, and a solid option elsewhere for on-element healing to Water Adventurers.

For Valentine’s Day, Ezelith forgoes her usual flips and twirls in favor of a Bow-using Support role. The Stunning Sweetheart aims for the same goals as base 5★ Ezelith, and while mostly successful, she falls short of similar Adventurers such as Gala Sarisse. Still, the debuff, Burning and combo bonuses allow her to thrive in a team context, especially for Midgardsormr-related content.

For someone with a complex, Zardin is a very straightforward adventurer. He has two active damage skills that attack straight ahead of him and a very simple Full HP = STR 10% ability. He also has 75% Burn resistance, which would suit him for Dragon Trials and High Dragon Trials. However, even in its simplicity, Zardin’s kit is lacking. He struggles to remain on the front lines and keep his ability active, as any chip damage will weaken him. His strength stat is also something no one should admire, being the second lowest of any adventurer at only 432.

Tier 4

Despite bringing robust Strength and being classified as an Attack adventurer, Dragonyule Xander falls closer to a support role. In contrast to Lily, who fires off punishing barrages of spells, King Starfall buffs his team’s Strength and energy levels to bolster DPS. Though Monarch’s Boon has low uptime for granting only one Energy level per cast, DY Xander can easily bounce off of lesser spawns for Energy stacks. In short, Striker’s Energy and Stun immunity make DY Xander a premier Flame IO pick just like his 5★ counterpart.

Joe, the Fire’s Fletcher, is a 3★ Flame Bow Adventurer with a kit focused around inflicting Burn. His S1 is a standard bow Line Damage shot, but his S2 is what his kit is based around, inflicting Burn in a line to enemies. His first passive ability boosts the chance of inflicting Burn when at full HP by 40%, but this is problematic as Joe has no innate recovery or defensive abilities. Thanks to his new Mana Spiral, Joe is now a decent budget option for those looking to get into endgame content but don't have Xania or Sarisse. 


Lily is a 5★ Water Wand Adventurer with a sharp focus on offense. The Crystalian Princess packs dual AoE attack Skills, Freeze infliction, and additional offensive passives that complements her glass cannon nature. Sadly, Lily's relevance has aged like milk. Lower maintenance picks like Hunter Sarisse and Pipple dominate the ranged game, and with the Water roster shifting towards Frostbite, Lily struggles to justify a team slot, especially with her demanding HP gate.  


Living up to his name, the Valentine’s Guardian takes a defensive approach to the support role. While teamwide Defense buffs have been mostly relegated to Lance and Axe users, Orion becomes the first Sword Adventurer to fill this niche. Although held back by low stats and misplaced Curse Res, The Valentine’s version of Orion stays true to his base form with close-range damage and a reliable Affliction.


The Meandering Mage Xania is a 3★ Flame Wand user with a kit designed to make her enemies go up in smoke. Her S1, Ivyblaze, is a line damage skill, whereas Pyroblossom is a target-centered AoE blast. With the advent of Mana Spirals, Xania has surpassed the vast majority of the Flame roster to become one of the top DPS in her element. Her skills now both inflict Burn and hit like trucks, and she can level all the way to 100, boosting her stats mightily. The best change though is that she is now 100% Stun resistant, making her a great pick for a ton of content. 

Tier 5


Elisanne is a 4★ Water Adventurer obtainable early on in the Story Campaign. Commonly deemed one of the best free Adventurers in the game, Brave Bastion allows Elisanne to boost the entire team's Strength and has great uptime. Coupled with the lance weapon type and access to increased Buff Time in her Mana Circle, the Anointed Lance is a versatile Adventurer that can perform well in a wide variety of content, including High Brunhilda's Trial and Mercurial Gauntlet. Although her Gala version offers more robust team support, vanilla Eli is still more than capable of getting the job done.


Hailing from the Kingdom of Nifl, Fjorm Princess of Ice comes to us as a Water Lance user. With 100% Skill Prep, Fjorm joins the Freeze Cheese club thanks to an upgraded Frigid Smash inflicting both Freeze and Frostbite. However, Ice Mirror is the real distinguisher here, rooting Fjorm in place and reflecting back damage with a vengeance. If timed correctly around predictable damage, this can carve away huge chunks of HP against bosses such as High Brunhilda, and with Ice Mirror gaining spell vamp, Fjorm's risk factor drops significantly.


Karina is a 4★ Water adventurer who makes her home in Imperial Onslaught. Staying true to her defensive classification, she’s defined by her resilience. Healing Doublebuff keeps the Free-Spirited Pirate healthy even in the absence of a healer, while Axe wielders thrive in multi-target environments. Two damage skills coupled with Stun immunity make Karina a solid pick for sweeping Flame IO.  


Despite a very simplistic 3★ launch kit, Rex actually performs surprisingly well as a DPS adventurer. His best feature is his rather high Strength stat for a 3★ unit. His gage inhibitor ability can be either a curse or a blessing: On shorter missions it can lead to less time spent in overdrive, but on longer quests it can make the boss harder to break more frequently. Still, overall Rex is a great starting point for your Water Adventurer roster. 

Vanessa is a 4★ Flame adventurer with a kit geared towards offense. Her two attack Skills, a Force Strike bonus Ability, and one of the highest STR stats in the game make her a powerful pick. Though lacking the agility of blades or daggers, Vanessa still shines with a brutal Force Strike style that will heavily chunk the Overdrive bar. However, as someone without any damage mitigation, Vanessa must rely on dodging and her teammates to stay alive on the front lines. Thanks to her Stun Res, Vanessa is an excellent choice for High Midgardsormr and can perform well in Wind IO or off element in Flame IO.

After a short reign as a staple in the earlier days of High Brunhilda's Trials, the Dragon Guardian ironically fell from grace as both Elisanne and her Gala form emerged. But like many adventurers, Xainfried has received a new lease on life via Mana Spirals which have both upgraded his old kit and given him new toys. Xainfried is now one of a select few that inflict Frostbite, and does so in a straightforward manner in contrast to the cooking duo's stances. A buffed Skill 2 also lets him keep up with dedicated supports while hitting back with his own DPS. Xainfried's chain co-ability leans even further into his Shapeshift-focused kit, and although he may never reenter the HBH meta, who can say when such a Dragon-friendly setup will be needed?



Yue is the featured 4★ of Visions of Amity and Dragalia’s second Flame Axe wielder. Contrary to Vanessa’s hyper-offensive nature, the Hungry Hunter takes a more unusual approach. Paradoxically, Yue makes herself easier to kill while trying to outlast her enemies. Attempting a sort of berserker/brawler-type build, Yue risks life and limb but fails to outshine her predecessor and may end up relegated to auto-battling Wind IO.