Void Jeanne d'Arc Battle Guide

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Void Jeanne d’Arc Strike is the first pinnacle Void content to be released before its respective High Dragon Trial. As such, players will naturally look to farm the materials necessary for High Jupiter’s Bane weapons

Divine Protection prevents Jeanne’s OD gauge from decreasing and grants her a massive DEF increase. As such, it is highly recommended to run one of the Divinity Penetrator weapons (listed below), craftable with materials dropped by the Frost Hermit.

Blindness is inflicted by Jeanne’s Red/Purple markers, while Dragon Delay is inflicted by both her basic attacks and marked attacks.

Jeanne is highly susceptible to Poison and Burn (which no Shadow Adventurers inflict) and is mildly susceptible to Blindness and Sleep.  

Notable Picks

Due to the rarity of Blindness immunity within the Shadow roster, some lower tier adventurers are given a spotlight. Kleimann and Norwin in particular stand out by inflicting potent status while fully resisting Jeanne’s Blindness. Berserker is also Blind immune and quickly Breaks Jeanne before she can summon additional help. Other Adventurers that can cripple Jeanne include Orion, Sazanka, and Nefaria.


As stated above, Divine Protection is a enormous obstacle to overcome without the proper equipment, as Jeanne would permanently be in Overdrive and have increased damage resistance. 

Note: the Dragon Delay Res Wand and Staff are not hard requirements and may be substituted with their 4★/5★ Core counterparts.

Battle Strategy

Basic Attacks

Jeanne will open with a forward thrust, followed by two broad swipes. This will be her default sequence in between marker attacks and will be difficult for melee adventurers to dodge. 

Almighty Downfall

Summons 4 banners that drop in a square pattern. These will be the focal points for much of Jeanne's arsenal. 

Almighty Downfall

Unholy Dominion

A circular Red marker will charge at one of the previously dropped banners. This will be followed by 3 rectangular Red markers that follow a random path along the edges of the banner “square” and/or across diagonally.

Unholy Dominion

Lightning Salvo

Medium-sized circular Purple markers will appear at each player's location, blasting lightning after a short wind up.

Lightning Salvo

Chain Lightning

Jeanne extends an rough line of circular Red markers in front of her. 

Chain Lightning

Ring of Torment

Jeanne will retreat to the outer ring between the banners and the map’s edge, then dash along the perimeter for one revolution. After coming to a stop, she will immediately use Chain Lightning.

Ring of Torment

Summon Help

Jeanne spawns four Imperial enemies that are far beefier than their IO counterparts. 


By using the dropped Necroblossoms and Abyssal Standards, the coveted High Jupiter's Bane weapons are made available. 

For the most part, these weapons perform either similarly to or outright better than their Core counterparts. When coupled with their cheaper crafting costs, this new set of Void weapons commands consideration for those looking to tackle High Jupiter's Trial. 

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