Void Poseidon Strike - Battle Guide

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Void Poseidon Strike shares many mechanics with High Mercury's Trial, acting as a sort of Prelude to the real thing. However, unlike its two predecessors, Void Poseidon Strike has no outstanding barriers to entry. His signature ability, Whirlpool, provides only a minor hindrance to movement and actually allows melee Adventurers to stick to him more easily. Inflicting Freeze and susceptible only to Sleep, a viable roster is as follows.

Choose Your Character

Notable Picks 

  • Addis: By and large the most reliable source of DPS, utilizing Blade mobility, Freeze immunity, and Bleed to deal consistent damage throughout the fight.
  • Gala Ranzal: Sporting a solid all-around kit, Gala Ranzal is coveted for his massive Force Strikes. As a Sword user, he will routinely break Poseidon long before any dangerous mechanics can be used against your team. 
  • Lin You: Despite lacking both Freeze immunity and overall mobility, Lin You is Wind's sole Sleep user and is able to render Poseidon harmless for extended periods of time. Her punishing Critical hits also contribute greatly to the team's DPS.
  • Maribelle: Although her burst damage is neutered by Poseidon's Skill Resistance, Maribelle (along with any ranged adventurer) can safely attack from outside the Whirlpool. Maribelle also boosts her team's DPS by regularly reducing Poseidon's Defense.  
  • Melody: Wind's premier offensive support. Frequent teamwide Strength buffs greatly lower both soft Might requirements and clear times. 
  • Lowen: The most popular healer pick for lack of better choices, Lowen adequately performs his role by keeping his teammates topped off and tanky. 

Regarding Weapons

As previously stated, Void Poseidon does not have any hard requirements for specific weapons. As such, players are free to use their strongest Wind weapon, regardless of rarity or Void specialization. Some exceptions include the Skill Resistance Penetrator weapons, craftable with materials from the Violet Ghost Strike. These enable Skill-reliant Adventurers such as Maribelle and Louise to deal unmitigated damage as usual, greatly increasing their viability. 

Battle Strategy

Spheres of Salvation

Similar to High Mercury's Trial, Poseidon will spawn a semi-circle of protective bubbles. If an Adventurer steps inside one of these bubbles (a “bubble inflation” animation and sound effect will play to indicate this), he/she is invulnerable to Void Poseidon's attacks. However, if more than one Adventurer occupies the same bubble, it will pop and disappear.

Poseidon will later perform a Waterfall attack that covers the entire map and inflicts heavy damage. To avoid this, each Adventurer will need to occupy their own bubble.

Spheres of Salvation

Almighty Torrent

Void Poseidon will launch a powerful Waterfall attack that hits multiple times and cannot be iframed by normal means. To survive this attack, each Adventurers will need to stay inside their own Spheres of Salvation bubble. As mentioned previously, a “bubble inflation” animation and sound effect will play to indicate that an Adventurer is safely inside. It’s recommended to walk/run towards a bubble rather than dodge rolling into it, as rolling may not always place you inside a bubble properly.

Almighty Torrent

Churning Blockade, Deadly Deluge

Void Poseidon will split the map in half using a line of harmful bubbles. These function very similarly to High Mercury's Bursting Bubbles, dividing into smaller bubbles when popped and spreading forward in the direction they were struck. Poseidon will then begin charging a Waterfall attack similar to Almighty Torrent on one half of the map. Interestingly, the targeted half appears to be random, as Poseidon will occasionally target the map half opposite to where players are located, removing the need to pop the blockade and cross over. 

Deadly Deluge

Hydro Helix

Void Poseidon will target one Adventurer and begin charging a wide column. This attack will lock on to and follow the chosen Adventurer and, after a brief delay, fire a powerful attack. The marked player should bait this attack to the side opposite to the other three while remaining outside of Poseidon's Whirlpool. After Hydro Helix finishes charging, simply roll or Force Strike perpendicularly to avoid damage. 

Hydro Helix

Twisting Swell

Void Poseidon will begin charging four circular attacks at the 1, 4, 7, and 10 o'clock corners of the map. Reminiscent of High Mercury's Aqua Spirals, these smaller circles will detonate after a short time but can be avoided simply by sticking to the center of the map. 

Twisting Swell


Using Oceanic Fins and Crowns, special 5★ Void weapons can be crafted, each sporting both Skill Prep +50% and High Mercury's Bane +30%. Since Void Poseidon employs mechanics very similar to those of High Mercury, these weapons are perfect for transitioning to Dragalia's true endgame content. Those without standard 5Wind weapons or whose weapons have suboptimal Skills may look to Void Poseidon as a way into High Mercury's Trial. 

For a more detailed cost/benefit analysis on these new weapons for High Mercury, see the High Mercury Preparation Guide.

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