Wandering Shroom Strike - Battle Guide

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The Wandering Shroom is the easiest Void Battle players can challenge, with a required Might of 9000. Information on the boss can be found below:

Name Wandering Shroom
HP 246120
Class Physian

Adventurer Selection

Damage-dealers should be the main type of unit used for this battle. A healer will make runs safer and is recommended for beginners, but is not required for experienced runners. Adventurers should be at at least 2500 Might before they attempt this quest.

Shadow-attuned Adventurers are the go-to due to their advantage against light enemies. Most of the Wandering Shroom’s attacks inflict Paralysis, so an Adventurer with the appropriate resistance is recommended.

Top Damage Dealers

  • Ieyasu: The top damage dealer due to his high Strength and ability to inflict Bleed. His weapon type has great range which is perfect for cleaning up the additional Shrooms. He also resists Paralysis.

  • Sazanka: Can cause both Bleed and Sleep, providing some support to her team. Like Ieyasu, she’s got a perfect weapon type for cutting through the spawned Shrooms. She resists Paralysis.

  • Nefaria: The Wandering Shroom can be Blinded, allowing her to deal boosted damage. She can easily land Force Strikes due to the Shroom’s slow movement speed, and even target him during his Dash with Night of Antiquity. A very safe runner who also resists Paralysis.

  • Orion: With his fast-charging skills, he can use Skills to dodge most of the Shroom’s attacks. Orion can inflict Blind on the Shroom, and also resists Paralysis, making him an excellent choice.

Other decent Shroom runners include Botan, Zace, Taro, Erik, Kleimann, and Vida.

Top Healers

  • Cleo: Being freely attainable, Cleo is a great choice of healer for this quest. Her ability to boost team defense is useful, and she can begin healing quickly thanks to Skill Prep. She resists Paralysis.

  • Edward: Although his stats are lower than other choices, his Butler’s Guard ability can prevent considerable damage. A good budget alternative.

  • Hildegarde: The the queen of all healers excels yet again due to her double healing skills, Skill Prep and ability to mitigate damage with her shields. She can’t survive as easily as the Shadow-attuned healers, however.

Weapon Selection

Unlike the other Void Battles, the Wandering Shroom does not inflict a special condition on Adventurers. Therefore, the strongest weapon should be used just like a normal quest.

Battle Strategy

The Wandering Shroom has a specific attack rotation, allowing his attacks to be anticipated. With just one attack using a purple Action Marker, the vast majority of his attacks can be dodged using Skills.

Attack Rotation

1. Front Circle AoE

Note: The Shroom will skip Step 1 if he cannot get close to an Adventurer.

2. Central Circle AoE

Note: The Shroom has a chance to skip Stage 2.

3. Front Circle AoE

4. Dash x3

5. Repeat from Step 1

Note: Being knocked into Overdrive will interrupt the rotation, and restart it from Step 1.


Once the Wandering Shroom has been pushed into Overdrive, he will use Disperse. This is a quick attack with a large radius, but deals little damage. The Wandering Shroom also takes around 24k self-damage when using this attack.

However, this attack will downsize the Wandering Shroom and create several (four, then ten) smaller Wandering Shrooms, who are colored purple and attuned to the Shadow element.

The smaller Shrooms are essentially copies of the boss with lower HP, and will perform the same attacks as the main boss. This makes them very deadly, and important to clear out quickly. Ideally, they should be eliminated before they can use their Dash attack.

Attack Information

  • Front Circle AoE (Red Marker): The Shroom leans back, and targets an area directly in front of himself with a red action marker. This attack inflicts paralysis.

  • Centered Circle AoE (Red Marker): The Shroom centres a giant red action marker on himself and charges a big attack. This attack inflicts paralysis.

  • Dash x3 (Purple Marker): The Shroom dashes forward across the map three times. Beware as he maintains momentum when hitting walls, meaning he can slide past and hit areas outside the action marker. This attack inflicts paralysis.
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