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About the Event

A Wish to the Winds is a Facility event, featuring a new story, a short series of quests, a Boss Battle, and a Challenge Battle that pits players against waves of enemies! Rewards include a new 5* Wyrmprint, a brand new building for the Halidom, and heaps of Mana, Rupies and other goodies. The event lasts through to November 26th, ending just before the beginning of the next day.

There are several story maps to be played culminating in a Boss Battle and Challenge Battle. While the regular quests are easy to clear, the Challenge Battle requires some finesse and strategy to overcome.

If you're looking for tips and strategies for the Boss Battle and Challenge Battle, check out our Battle Strategy Guide for the event.

Reward Systems

This event has a total of four event currencies, with each being redeemable for different types of rewards.

Divine Gales

  • These are obtained at the end of all event quests.

  • They passively unlock rewards as more are accumulated, to a max of 1,000,000.

  • By fulfilling certain requirements during a quest, more Divine Gales can be earned. These requirements can be checked at the end of a quest.

  • Rewards include Mana, Rupies, Louise’s Hobbies Wyrmprints, Water, Crystals, Eldwater, Golden Fragments, Testaments, Honey, Twinkling Sand, Friendship Bracelets and Summon Vouchers.

  • Drop amounts can be boosted with the Gentle Winds, Gale of Beauty, and Louise’s Hobbies Wyrmprints.

  • The Challenge Battle: Ruler of the Shore quest is the best place to get Divine Gales!

Windwhistle Grass (Bronze Background)

  • These are used to build and upgrade the new Wind Shrine building in the Halidom.

  • Obtainable through the event story quests and Boss Battle.

  • Drop amounts can be boosted with the Louise’s Hobbies, Fresh Perspective, and Garuda’s Feathers Wyrmprints.

  • The Extra Boss Battle: Mega-Fiend Spotted! quest is the best place to get Windwhistle Grass!

Friendship Bracelets (Silver Background)

  • Used to exchange for items in the event Treasure Trade.

  • Obtained through completing the Daily Battle, Boss Battle, Challenge Battle and from Divine Gale rewards.

  • The Challenge Battle: Ruler of the Shore quest is the best place to get Friendship Bracelets!

Wind Chimes (Gold Background)

  • Used to exchange for items in the event Treasure Trade.

  • Obtained through completing the EX Boss Battle, Challenge Battle, and from Divine Gale rewards.

  • The Challenge Battle: Ruler of the Shore quest is the best place to get Wind Chimes!

Special Rewards

Wind Shrine

  • This is a building constructed in the Halidom that grants bonuses to Wind-attuned Adventurers. It also provides a massive boost to all adventurers during event quests.

  • Its building level counts toward total Facility Level, and requires a free Wyrmsmith to construct and upgrade.

  • Windwhistle Grass and Rupies are used to build and upgrade the Wind Shrine

  • Event endeavors reward 50 Wyrmite for upgrading the Wind Shrine to certain levels. It can reach a maximum level of 30!

Louise’s Hobbies Wyrmprint

  • This 5* Wyrmprint gives a huge +8/10% boost to Recovery Potency, and increases the yield of Windwhistle Grass and Divine Gales by +25/50%.

  • Seven copies can be obtained in total, five from Treasure Trade and two from Divine Gale rewards.

  • It is highly recommended to NOT unbind this Wyrmprint until 5+ copies are obtained. This is because the effects stack for each party member, and four Adventurers with four unbound copies will yield much greater rewards than one Adventurer with a fully unbound copy. Once all seven copies are obtained, fully unbinding one copy of this Wyrmprint will yield the same effects as four bound copies.

Treasure Trade

  • A special Treasure Trade shop is available during the event.

  • Rewards include Mana, Rupies, Orbs, Testaments, Water, Twinkling Sand and Wyrm Scales.

  • Event-exclusive rewards include copies of Louise’s Hobbies and Facility Decorations.

Progression Guide

Getting Started

This event exclusively features Water-attuned enemies, making Wind-type allies by far the best choice. No matter which Adventurers are owned, Ranzal is a free unit and a very solid choice for this event thanks to his Axe's wide swing range, and Slayer's Strength.

It’s highly recommended to use Mana and Crystals from the event to upgrade your Wind-attuned Adventurers. Having the strongest possible Adventurer is key to scoring big in this event!

To begin, you’ll have to fight your way through the event quest maps. There are seven preliminary quests, which follow a story revolving around Louise, Lowen and Garuda. Once those have been cleared, Daily Battle: Another Breezy Day and Boss Battle: Fiend Alert will unlock.

Daily Battle: Another Breezy Day

In the event Re-Run, this has been removed and replaced with the Master Event Challenge

Efficiency Tips

Once you’ve beaten Boss Battle: Fiend Alert on Expert difficulty, Challenge Battle: Ruler of the Shore will unlock, and is the final event quest. From here on out, you’ll want to be efficient in how you run quests in order to maximise event reward yield.

To max out the Wind Shrine and obtain all Divine Gale Rewards, you’ll need 7,816 Windwhistle Grass and 1,000,000 Divine Gales.

  • Your first priority will be obtaining four copies of Louise’s Hobbies, to maximise Divine Gale and Windwhistle Grass gain. Don’t buy anything else from the Treasure Trade shop until you have at least four copies.

  • If you got some of the summonable Wyrmprints, just make sure there is an event-boosting Wyrmprint of each of your four Adventurers.

  • Because the Challenge Battle can only be fought with Stamina, it’s a good idea to use Getherwings for the Boss Battle, and save Stamina for the Challenge Battle.

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