Alberian Banner

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Obtainable as a 3

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1Fly high, valiant dragon banner! We hail our mighty king and swear allegiance to his dragon bloodline! Alberia! Alberia!
2Fly high, valiant dragon banner! We defend this land we love! With dragons by our side, we serve our glorious king! Alberia! Alberia!
3Fly high, valiant dragon banner, for we soon face the wicked demon! Forward now, ever forward, for victory awaits! Alberia! Alberia!
4Fly high, valiant dragon banner! We yearn for the return of our king! He is gone to the ends of the earth, along with all the peace of this land! Alberia! Alberia!
5Fly engulfed in light, valiant dragon banner! We wish for everlasting peace! May our lost king's heart be ever with us! Let us wave our flag, for we are children of this great land! Alberia! Alberia! Alberia!


Ability 1