Amaterasu Oblation

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Obtainable as a 4

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Wyrmprint Descriptions

1The Amaterasu Oblation is a sacred offering dance onmyoji perform on the New Year for good luck for the shogunate and Hinomoto. "What a pain. Send me after the Mukuroshu if there's time enough for drivel like this.
2Whenever I play the flute, I remember old times; my friend Shizuka would dance to the sound. You are a fine dancer in your own right, Seimei...but let us see if you can keep up with this increased tempo! Heh heh heh.
3Lord Seimei is AMAZIN'! C'mon, smile! Smile, consarnit! ...Well, heck. He ain't doin' it. Better use these will–o'–the–wisps to get him in a good mood! ...Uh oh. Now I've done it—he's madder'n a wet hen!
4Such a handsome performance, Lord Seimei; If only your grandfather could see you now. Still, in his place, I will burn this into my memory. ...Hrm? I'm staring too hard? I'm glaring? Apologies. That was not my intent.
5What is with all those guys screwing up my dancing this year? ...Ah, whatever. Not my business how this event goes. I don't need a ritual for a better future— I'll wrest it from the Mukuroshu myself.


Ability 1