Chariot Drift

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Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1With a screech and a smash, Yuya blasted through the doors in pursuit. "It's just you'n me now, ya turkeys!
2"Go home, kid—I ain't givin' that gold back!" "That's Yuya to you, punk. And you might have a big comb, but mine's WAY bigger! Which means I'm stronger!" "...The hell are you even talkin' about?"
3One of the punks tried his best to escape, but Yuya slammed him with his chariot and sent him tumbling backwards. KA-POW!
4CRASH! BANG! POW! Yuya bounced around the tiny house. "Give it up, ya turkey!" "M-my house! At this rate, the gold's gonna be tossed everywhere!
5"Ha! Ya give up yet, scumbag?" "Eeek! This guy's crazy! I'd rather be arrested! Let's beg the police for help!"


Ability 1