The Cutie Competition

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Obtainable as a 5

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1*beam* "Heeey, cutie fans! Our current leaders in this new year's Cutie Competition are Irfan and Aurien! Wooo woooo!" "Show 'em what a merc can do, Irfan!" "Kick some cutie patootie, Aurien!
2"That prize money is MINE!" "Hah! I never lose a game of chance." "Yes folks, these two will be playing a game of my own design caaalled...Cutie-Dice!" "...Cutie-Dice?"
3Several hours of Cutie-Dice later... *pant* "We got judged on cute poses and played cute sumo... This game is ROUGH." "Indeed—but this painful thrill is about to end, for victory will soon be mine!
4"I'm gonna get there on my next turn, and then that prize money is MINE! Chitose, roll the dice if you would!" "You got it!'s a six!" "Oh no! I'm one square short of the goal!"
5"Yep! You're stuck there until you can beat me in a battle of ultimate cuteness." "Ugh. I'm gonna be here the rest of my life." "Ha ha! Looks to me like this competition might well stretch into the new year..."


Ability 1