Endless Waltz

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Obtainable as a 5

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1"Oh, but it is good to see you at this party. My brother and his friends worked tirelessly to ready for this night, and it would not have done for you to miss it. Now then, might you do me the honor of a dance?"
2"I have never prepared a party before. It was a great deal of work, but being able to dance with you makes it all worth it. I am happy beyond measure, though I hope my own dancing met your expectations."
3"Welcome to our party. Tonight, we revel, celebrating deeds of merit with a toast, performance, and banquet. Come now, do not fear. Merely take my hand as we spend a few dreamlike moments together."
4"You are surprised I can handle a bit of dancing? Hee! Well, even if tonight should be the final evening before the fall of glory, it will not change the passionate moments we spent together this evening."
5"Is this a night's illusion, or a noon dream? Ah, well. For now, let us forget everything and be consumed by our happiness. Then perhaps you and I shall dance together in an endless waltz!"


Ability 1

Full HP = Strength +10% Increases strength by 10% when HP is full. (Max: 20%)
Upgrades To
Full HP = Strength +13% Increases strength by 13% when HP is full. (Max: 20%)
Upgrades To
Full HP = Strength +15% Increases strength by 15% when HP is full. (Max: 20%)
Ability Group: Strength Max Boost: 20%
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