Fireside Gathering

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Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1Among the molten, bubbling magma of the volcano, two fire dragons sit beside a rock table. One is Brunhilda (or Mym), while the other is Cerberus (with Coco and Mimi). It's time for a red-hot fireside gathering!
2And what party would be complete without sweets? Mym quickly reaches out for one and smacks her lips, for dragons and a sweet tooth go together like fish and water.
3"Oh, how I wish I could share this with my darling!" says Mym—which causes the others to erupt in a frenzy of shrieks, gasps, and questions about who this "darling" could possibly be."
4Mym chuckles softly. "So you want to hear about my darling, do you?" she purrs. The others at the table eagerly nod in anticipation.
5And so Mym begins to talk. And talk. And TALK. Cerberus, Coco, and Mimi sit enraptured at her tale, occasionally giggling amongst themselves as the party stretches out long into the night.


Ability 1

Burn Res +20% Reduces susceptibility to burning by 20%. (Max: 100%)
Upgrades To
Burn Res +25% Reduces susceptibility to burning by 25%. (Max: 100%)
Upgrades To
Burn Res +50% Reduces susceptibility to burning by 50%. (Max: 100%)
Ability Group: Burn Res Max Boost: 100%
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