The Floofiest Bed

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Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1Elisanne offers a sympathetic ear to the animals of the wood, which they repay by huddling together to form her a furry bed. "It's so fluffy! So fuzzy! Ahhh, I can feel my every worry melting away!
2"More...MORE! I need my fuzz fix!" As she nuzzles closer to her forest friends, they huddle closer in turn. "Oh, so you all enjoy these cuddles as much as I do? All the better. Come and get your fill!"
3Elisanne loses herself in her furry friends' cozy cuddles, and fails to realize night has fallen. "Zzz... Fluffyyy..." There under the dappled canopies of the forest, she finds a more restful slumber than she'd ever known.
4"I must have dozed off. Are the animals still...?" Elisanne wakes and groggily surveys her surroundings. "Hee hee. I see I wasn't the only one too comfortable to stay awake."
5"The prince loves animals—perhaps we could do this together next time? I mean, just petting the animals, not a cuddle puddle with his highness...!" Lost in her fantasy, Elisanne's imagination runs wild."


Ability 1