A Game of Cat and Boar

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Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1Behold the Hinomoto New Year Tournament! To the east, the feline dragon Ebisu! To the west, the fierce wyrm Marishiten! ...Er, or actually the wyrm's underlings, three boarlets. Now let the battle begin!
2"These little piggies may follow Marishiten, but they are no match for the might of Ebisu," said the feline proudly. "Now, I will use my great size to knock them about the arena! Nothing will stop me now!"
3But the three boarlets didn't give in! Instead, they lined up and hit Ebisu with the dreaded triple headbutt, sending him flying across the arena with a hiss and a howl.
4But Ebisu had no plans to back down! He unleashed a barrage of blows with his lightning-quick paws—but alas, the boarlets were faster. They dodged his attack and came back with another triple headbutt!
5Finally, Ebisu could take no more and yielded victory to the boarlets. So you see, even small creatures can win if they are tenacious. That is why it is important to never give up, no matter the odds!


Ability 1