The Ilian Faithful

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Obtainable as a 5

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1"We'll win with a pincer attack for sure." "No, we should charge and break through." "Hildegarde, a pincer is our best bet." "But focusing our strength is faster! Plus, we can't heal each other if we're separated."
2"You're going to make a blunder like that?" "Pride is the mother of failure, is it not?" "Fine. Let's ask Tobias what he thinks." "Hmm? Me? Well, I suppose I would attack the problem like so..."
3"In the name of the goddess, you who upset the peace of Her children will be destroyed!" "You can leave support to me, you two." "We're counting on you. Let's go, Tobias!" "Roger. Let the operation begin!"
4"Curran! Hit our enemies' blind spot while I'm distracting them!" "Got it. Don't get dead now, yeah?" "Same to you. We are agents of the goddess, and the only outcome allowed is victory!"
5"Tch... Even I'm hitting my limit here..." "But we're so close... Hmm? My wounds!" "I told you not to overdo it. I've healed you now, so let's finish this!" "FOR THE GODDESS!"


Ability 1