The Lurker in the Woods

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Table of Contents

Obtainable as a 5

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1"We're all decked out in our hunter gear, and ready to be off on a quest! Wooo!" "We must investigate a large monster in the woods. Searching for traces... Traces found. 1% disparity in data. Let us continue."
2"Okie doke! We'll follow these tracks and find our... Wait, where'd they go?!" "Maomao! MAO! (Hey, look over there!)" "Acknowledged. New tracks located. Setting out on a southeast course."
3"What the hey?! That thing's freakin' HUGE!" "Maomaooooo! (CHAAAARGE!)" "Negative. I cannot recommend that action." "Mao Mao! Noooo!"
4"Nnngh... The thing's us...for coming onto its turf. We gotta...fight back!" "Understood. I have composed a strategy based on all available data. Follow behind me as we commence the operation."
5"Whoa, hang on... Did you just paralyze it?" "Affirmative. I have restricted its movement through concentrated elemental attacks." "Sounds like this is my shot. Let's goooo!" "Maomao maaao! (Get 'em! Get 'em good!)"


Ability 1