Masquerade Mission

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Table of Contents

Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1"Our target today is a black marketeer who deals at masquerade balls." "An infiltration op, eh? With masks? Color me nervous..." "Quiet, Erik. I have eyes on the target."
2"Hold on, there's a woman with the target— we need to separate them." "Hmm... I think we might know each other. Alex, can you take this one?" "...All right. Consider it done."
3"Might I have your hand, milady? ...Hm? I'm dashing, but still a stranger?" "We have a problem, Waike! The target knows something is up!" "Okay, lose the masks and move in!"
4"Prepare yourself, rogue! I, the noble thief Waike, am about to end your dirty dealings!" "Er, Waike? Take it down a peg or two." "Yes, please. No need to make a scene."
5"Checkmate. You're going away for a long, long time." "Whew! Since that's taken care of, why don't we enjoy the festivities a bit?" "A splendid idea. Don't forget your masks!"


Ability 1

Shadow Res +5% Reduces shadow damage taken by 5%. (Max: 15%)
Upgrades To
Shadow Res +8% Reduces shadow damage taken by 8%. (Max: 15%)
Upgrades To
Shadow Res +10% Reduces shadow damage taken by 10%. (Max: 15%)
Ability Group: Shadow Res Max Boost: 15%
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