Moonlight Party

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Obtainable as a 5

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1It seems the shortest sylvan in the Halidom has called the others for a meeting. They're talking about how someone from Hinomoto taught them to make dango. Dango... Is that those white things there?
2Dango is what my father called the imported snack he let me eat long ago. But before I could confirm, a girl took me by the hand and enlisted my help in the making of these mysterious sweets.
3Making the dango was difficult, but a small fellow named Linus was patient with me, while a girl named Laranoa cheered me on while cramming food into her mouth. And as night fell, I finally finished up.
4I put my all into making them, but they were clumsy compared to my father's. Still, the taste was similar, which made me think of him and feel sad—but then Linus and Laranoa took my hand and led me away.
5They brought me to a place where the moon shone, for dango eaten under moonlight are the most delicious. And when we ate them together this time, I somehow didn't feel quite so lonely.


Ability 1