Passion Inherited

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Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1"Face me, General Shingen! Haaaah!" "Mmm. You're much improved, Yuki."
2"You bet I'm improved! That's 'cause I train day-in and day-out until I wanna puke!" "Heh. That rough nature of yours is just like my own when I was young. Truly, you are the perfect person to inherit my soul!"
3"But if you are to be my successor, then I must have you aim even higher! Haaah!" "Nnngh... You fight well, General—but I'm gonna catch up to you and SHATTER MY LIMITS TO THE MAX! WOOOOO!"
4"My spirit BURNS with fiery passion!" "Oh ho! The Monkey and Tiger blood are released as one! You have mastered that power beautifully, Yuki."
5"Truly, your strength is without limitation. Continue to put in your heart and soul and remain steadfast in your devotion, Yuki!" "With the passionate soul I inherited from you, General, I can only get stronger!"


Ability 1