A Pledge of Protection

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Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats

Coin Sell Cost
Eldwater Sell Cost

Wyrmprint Descriptions

1He hates the Syndicate more than anything. That hate will not let him stop fighting, no matter how much it may hurt him. And since nothing can stop his revenge, I decided to protect him as best I could.
2I was bound by chains. Everything was stolen from me, including my memories. But he freed me from that prison. These chains bind me no longer— instead, they connect me to him.
3The sight of his expression softening as he said he was all right filled me with relief. He wasn't the only one who hated the Syndicate—but having him next to me somehow kept my own rage at bay.
4The world I saw over his shoulder was beautiful, yet sad. His passion was dependable, yet worrying. That's why I knew I couldn't let him face the world alone.
5Once he chastised me, asking how long I planned to accompany him. Yet I knew the world he saw, and so held my tongue. As he turned away and continued walking, I swore to keep him alive, no matter what.


Ability 1

Ability 2